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it was the first day of first grade.

i had tried to make friends with the girls, but they all teased me and called me mean names.

i saw a boy in the corner playing with the big legos.

"hi," i beamed as i as sat down next to him on the highway rug, and he looked at me.

"how come you're not with the girls?" he asked me.

"they're meanies," i stated with a pout.

"that's okay. we can be friends," he offered.

"yeah." i stated.

"i'm jack," he said.

"i'm nicolette."

"that's a biggg name," he stated.

present day~

it was 2am.

me and jack were in his pool.

i was splashing water in his face as he tried to grab me.

after some seconds, he pulled me to him by my waist, and i screamed.

"nicky! shut up! you'll wake up the damn neighbors," he whispered as he put his hand over my mouth.

"oh yeah. miss hoffman was so cranky the last time she called to complain," i whispered back.

he just laughed.

we decided to get out and go back to the house.

his parents were out on business so we had the house to ourselves.

after a shower, i put on some spandex and one of jack's hoodies that smelled like his cologne which i loved since i picked it out.

he was wearing some sweatpants, and he was shirtless.

after that we went to his room and made some sort of make-shift bed on the floor with pillows.

his room has this cool ass projecter thing on his wall so he turned on netflix while i grabbed some more pillows and blankets.

i sat down and grabbed the bowl of popcorn and waited for jack to pick what we would watch.

"what episode of flash are we on again?" jack asked me as i watched what he did on the screen.

"i think it's episode six," i said with my mouth full of popcorn.

"you're so damn fat. by the time i sit down there won't be anymore," he laughed.

"haha," i sarcastically laughed.

he sat down and got under the blanket.

i almost instantly laid my head on his shoulder as he put his arm around me.

"netflix and chill," he whispered.

i grabbed the pillow that was next to me and smacked him with it.

"oww," he laughed.

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