Mistress I Need You

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Chapter 5

I sat in the library, hidden deep among the shelves where I hoped no demon would find me. I sat enjoying a book I'd had purchased in the human world. I gazed in utter fasination at the pictures and detailed discription of childbirth. I shook my head at the step by step photos of a baby being delivered. Just reading about it you'd think having babies was some nonsense fantasy made up to explain the rapid procreation of humans, it sounded like torture. I closed that book and moved onto the next titled, "Insight on the Reproductive System: Male/Felmale."

As I was skimming through the table of contents Tez appeared on the stack of books beside me. I blinked settling my gaze on the small demon before closing my book.

"Mistress," Tez cried, the word nearly lost in her thick sibilant accent. Her eyes glowed brightly, flashing frantically with distress. I gave her my full attention, "I...would like to request your help..." she said with slight hesitation fearful of my reply.

"What do you need of me?" I trusted Tez but knowing what I knew of demonkind it would be foolish of me to agree without knowing what it is I was agreeing to.

She spoke quickly, voice filled with urgent distress. "On the other side of the continent, before the raging fires of hell freeze over, beside the the Shadow Valley where my kind can be found a battle rages in the human realm. Holy warriors and speakers of Heaven aid in the destruction of my kind. Our young Mistress...they strip the shadows from our young thinking them evil before they even have a chance to define themselves. We wage war against them but their are traps other Lords have seen the oppertunity for new slaves. I should not even sulley your ears with my request...But I have need Mistress..." I watched tears of shadow drop from glowing green eyes disapating as they struck the hard cover of a book, leaving no evidence save the unforgetable impression of that moment in my mind.

I took a deep breath a tenderil of black flames streaming from my lips as my eyes vanished into endless darkness. When I spoke my voice held power, my human facade long forgotten. "You lead." I said waves of heat billowing from my skin as black fire flickered around me burning darkly a warning of danger to come.

Tez bowed her head as tendrils of shadow twirled around me. "Yes Mistress."

A chill like nothing I ever felt before seeped into my being. It burned an icy trail through my veins before striking my center pulling, ripping, tearing me through dark undefined space and thrusting me into a different plane of existance. I shuddered taking a deep gasping breath as I gathered myself. I turned to Tez and gave no comment. I stood pulling my sword from it's sheath knowing that what was to come would solidfy what I sought not to be.

"Lead, and I shall follow." I whipped my tail gazing at the sharp spearhead before turning back to Tez. She gazed at me with an emotion I chose not to name for it was unbefitting to a demon. She turned and vanished before my eyes I followed her easily and found myself in the realm of humans.

What I saw...what I saw was something I never thought I'd see. Several Lords working together to achieve a common task, that task being capturing as many shadow demons, warriors and priest as they could. The demons no doubt for the means of making slaves and the humans likely play things.

"Tez." I gripped her by the scruff of her cloak before she could disappear into the fray. "Stay safe." I stated firmly leaving no room for arguement.

"Yes Mistress." Then without ceremony she vanished. "Lucifer's son!" I cursed when a random spout of hell fire scorched me across my torso nearly cutting me in half.

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