Complete Pieces of Life

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I came to help the people

Turning back to You

Done the extra mile

Still a lot to do

Scattered pieces of life

Torture every day

Ignorants and blind

Imitating love

Countless times I've been saved

Your Grace is my shelter

I have been forgiven

For what I cannot speak

Still yet to comprehend

How You could be

Understanding and hugging

Against everything

I am here to fly

Back to You

I am here to live

Live again by You

I am here to help

What I have just begun to understand

It is You

Who has always been there

Complete pieces of life

Make me whole

Again the first time

I will not fall back

Not again

Welcome to my life

You've been always here

And now I recognize You,

At last

Let me embrace the people of the world

All the Nature, Creation

With Your love

Persevering love, enduring despite everything

All the odds seem gone

Abundance, Heaven is going to come

Let me revive,

Resurrect in You

Let me believe,

What have always been true

Hold my hand We are both in need

Feel my heart

You are at home

In me

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