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Sleep again and dream those memories.

Some of the future but we'll never know.

How will things turn out for us?

Saved by your words that we're once the truth of all.

Now the thought of it confuses me.

Those words were the truth.

Even though deep down i feel they werent.

I know ill be missed in a way.

But not enough for people will move on and never shed another tear.

The tears will fade to nothing.

Nothing like how i am now and forever.

I can see you from where i sit and stare.

Your smile is hung over the people who need you.

I know i need help, but nothing will be helped.

I know it wont change.

People do get help and advise when they arrive at you.

I do, and what do i get.

Im in need of so much help...

I get nothing but words that say nice things.

They mean good will in your heart.

I feel it deep down and i know its true.

But i process this theory in my head that its just words to comfort me for a smile.

I'll lay here and think of the memories ive shared with others.

My face wears the tears of depression and sorrow.

My eyes daze and glance over slowly at the gun in my hand.

I think of everyones life i wasted.

I cry silently into the night where i will be held accountive for my death.

I see the guns features as i raise it over my mouth pointing upward to my brain.

I whisper im sorry and i pull the trigger without hesitation.

My brains splatter against the ground above me and on the wall.

All is still and silent with a note next to me that says "Goodbye."

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