Killer Dream

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Last I remembered. Ace held onto me close. It was a wonderful feeling and I felt safe but I was safe before!! Anyways...Now all I saw was darkness. I knew that I was dreaming cause for some reason I was not able to open my eyes and it's either I'm napping pretty darn well or....yeah I got nothing.

After awhile, Lights! In my face! "Erugh!" I made a sound while lifting my arm over my face so I could adjust my vision. I heard plenty of talking and commotion around me once my sense of hearing kicked in.The voices I heard were familiar. I removed my arm from my vision and put it to my side. When doing so I felt that my arms weren't completely straight. "Eh...?" I looked down to then notice I was wearing a...poofy...fancy...well very beautiful dress. "Wow..." I said to myself as I was amazed with the new look.

"Excuse me, Miss?" I heard someone say while I was examining myself. I looked up and before looking at the face I noticed it was a male before me. The fact being the figure,posture of a gentlemen,no skirt of a dress, and yeah. I raised my head to then notice it was a familiar face. Freckles. I know them from anywhere.

"A-Ace?!" I raised my voice a bit but before getting any louder my mouth was soon covered by his glove. He shook his head while slightly bending down to whisper to me. Ace looked very disappointed and I honestly wonder why since we normally do not interrupt each other during speaking to each other! I was surprised! and he is a pirate!! Well it didn't very much look like it.Right now.Strange. I don't really know what is going on!

"Madame. . . raising your voice in a public place?" he whispered to me. "You have manners. Do you not?" He asked. I blinked and noticed my surroundings. I seemed to have been at a party and by the looks it seems to be with Rich people and such. Luckily I was stopped from raising my voice any higher cause I hate too much attention on me.

Ace had slowly removed his hand from over my lips and smiled kindly. "Now. .Madame." He said then extended his left hand offering mine. "May I have this dance?" He asked. I noticed he wore a monocle which was looking good on him. I couldn't help but smile.

"Y-yes. You may." I extended my hand and took his as he guided me to the dance floor.Music played which was very peaceful. I would ask him what the deal is but I felt very comfortable that it didn't cross my mind for awhile.

There I was with Ace who danced with me. I moved when he moved and it just all seemed so magical. The music got slower which was odd and didn't sound very peaceful. Instead the music was very...scary... I was frightened and my smile rid of itself. Ace didn't seem happy as well. He held onto me very close as I rested my head against his chest. It was warm. Just like when Ace held onto me before. I felt safer.That then all changed so fast. A flash which made me blink. It was short but then I opened my eyes.MY body was pushed back and I fell. "E-Eek. . .!" My girlish scream ringed

The atmosphere changed from a party into a black abyss."W-Wh-" I was looking at the floor. A couple of large beads rolled by me and most dropped before me. It looked like the necklace Ace wore. My pupils shrunk when the sight of blood crossed my face.I turned my head to then look up at Ace and a fist of what looked like magma had rammed itself through his torso. "A-Ace....!" A shadow was over his face which caused me to not be able to look him in the eye. I heard crying and wailing. Before me,out of no where Luffy has appeared in front of me. Ace fell into his arms and cried. I was in shock an I couldn't speak. I wanted to move but I couldn't. Ace had lifted his head and spoke but I couldn't hear him but tried to read his lips. Everything then began to burn....I was then found crying.


I woke up and felt a a bunch of tears strolling down my cheeks.I was in bed and was looking up at Ace who had his hands on my shoulders. His face troubled and his teeth were grinding against each other then stopped as he seemed to have been relieved. I took a and out. I turned my head to the side and faced the crew members who were crowded around where I seemed to have been sleeping.

"Yay! she's awake!" Luffy was smiling as he celebrated alone while everyone either placed their hand on their heart or over their face.They seemed out of breath. I heard comments taking place.

"Gosh. . Thought you were a goner"

"Ya really had me"

"Thank Goodness"

I looked up at Ace again who then had hugged me

"Gosh. . please do not do that again....!!" Ace sounded frustrated and angry as he embraced me tightly.

"U-Ugoh!" I couldn't breath with all this hugging. While My chin was over his shoulder I saw Robin smirking at me and from that I blushed.

"Alight crew! Land is close! Make way to the deck!" Luffy made himself well known and left the room as people groaned and then exited. Ace let go of me soon after and stared at my face with curiousity and worry.

"Ace...what is up?" I noticed that I was wide awake due to me knowing how wide my eyes were with surprise.

"(Y/N). . In your sleep you stopped breathing for a long while." Ace started as he then threw his hat onto his head and hung his legs over the edge of the bed "...your body was cold...and I tried to heat you up but when I did it was as if you just got cold again." He looked down for awhile.This has never really happened to me before.I felt bad. . I watched for awhile then reached my hand over and place it on his shoulder.

"Ace I'm sorry....This honestly never happened before." I gave my explanation and saw that he looked back at me. He looked strangely. . Cute! Like a puppy!!  Stop thinking like that. I got flustered.

"WELP! That's over with now! So let's join the others!" He stood up pretty quickly and extended his hand. "Your still dressed up to travel! So. ." Ace was smiling pretty big and I reached out taking his hand. "Plus we're stopping by showers cause I mentioned to Luffy that the girls here wanted to go and shower at some place. Guys seemed to agree too so eh! Hope they can pay for it. . !" He was laughing while then lifting me up from the bed once taking my hand.

"What about you, Ace?" I asked.

"Well, I spent enough time here so. .Guess I'll be on my way once we hit land."He scratched at the back of his head with his other hand. I began to squeeze his hand a little hard. "E-eh? (Y/N)."

"You should come with us. You. . Don't have to go." I insisted and loosened up a bit for it was a bit sudden. It was silent and we were staring at each other for awhile then I looked down so I wouldn't look at his eyes anymore.Ergh! Why did I even squeeze his..soft..hands!! After such a silence in between us.

"Alright" Ace said as he then took me gently by the chin and raised my head up."Let's go then!"

"LAND HO!" I heard Luffy above on deck as me and Ace looked up.He was smiling at me once we both lowered our heads to look back at each other. Ace gently guided me out of the room like a gentlemen but just from this. I thought about my nightmare. He guided me to the dance floor. We danced. Then. . He was. . Mostly gone. .I feel the need to stay with him. If he goes then I will go.

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