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Manik malhotra - he is the son of mukesh and suleka malhotra, heir of malhotra industries. He is very rich because malhotra industries is the top most company in the country. They are into manufacturing business and they are also soon going to venture into hotel business. They have their offices in India, Singapore, spain,London, Australia,Italy, and Norway. He is also joint CEO of all of them along with his dad and he won numerous business awards as well. Also has a musical band called fab 5 and they make many albums. Together he is dam rich. He did his MBA at London business school

Cabir malhotra - unidentical twin of manik malhotra and knowns him in and out and also helps him a lot in his life and is the MD of malhotra industries.can do anything for him, and is married to navya naveli. Also a fab-5 member. MBA from London business school.

Mukti vardhan- also a member of fab5 and she is a rich spoilt kid, but positive at heart.

Aliya saxena- total fashion diva, daughter of meera and romi saxena, also a fab5 member and has feelings for dhruv and yes she is also very rich.

Dhruv vedant- fab5 member, making albums is his only income and manik's friend. His marriage is fixed with Nandini murthy by their families. He too have feelings for aliya but thinks it is friendship.

Manik,cabir,aliya and mukti live in malabar hills, most expensive neighborhood in mumbai, and dhruv lives in a flat in bandra which was gifted by manik. Mukesh and sulekha malhotra are very much positive and love their sons equally.

Meera saxena- aliya's mother, totally greedy wants aliya to marry manik and a total negative character.

Harshad saxena- aliya's brother, lives in kolkata, a negative person, hates manik because of his good looks and his talent in both music and business.harshad is a chef in a hotel.

I am going to bring harshad's character in my later chapters. So, just chill

Nandini Reddy - a middleclass girl, who lost her parents, lives in goa with her chacha, chachi and amms, did her BBA and also got a job in malhotra industries in mumbai, loves her amms and always listens to her, even if she doest like it. She loves music, but because of her amms she has compressed her choice. She is the friend of navya naveli, considers dhruv as her friend.

Chacha and chachi are same in the show, very sweet

Amms- a very strict and a negative lady, doesnt love nandini that much and has fixed her marriage with dhruv when they were small, because vedant and murthys are family friends.

Note: nandini and dhruv have not seen each other, for the past 6 years.

Neha vedant- dhruv's mother, are neighbors of murthys and her husband lost his vocal chords when he saved baby nandini from a small accident.this is the reason why their marriage is fixed.

Navya naveli malhotra- wife of cabir, best friend of nandini because they did BBA from the same college, she is also the manager of fab5.

I hope you all liked my characters, so please comment because i am going to update chapters very soon, may be today.

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