Chapter 1

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"Jade have you got all your stuff packed?" My dad questioned me for the hundredth time. 

"Yes dad" I say, and my dad smiled at me.

 "Everything will be fine I promise you" he tries to tell me.

"What if it isn't, then what am I going to do, I mean mum, and Robbie are going to hate me" I say to him, and my dad looked at me.

 "If they do then you can come back, and live with me" he says.

I nodded, I don't really care what Robbie thinks, he's just a random dude my mum hooked up with, then gets married too,and I smiled at my dad.

 "So princess are you going to tell me who the dad is?" He asked me.

"Dad I keep on telling you I was at a party, and then hooked up with a random guy" I say.

"Yeah I know you keep telling me that but I think your lying because I  know that you do know the guy you hooked up with" my dad says. 

"Dad I really don't" I tell him *lie* obviously I know the guy I hooked up with I ain't a slut, he actually took my virginity, and he's a gang leader but my dad doesn't need to know that right.

I am currently in a plane going to London, I have been thinking how I am going to tell my mum, and Robbie about me being pregnant. I got off the plane, there was a driver waiting for me so I got in the car, and drove to the house. I walked into the house, seen mum, and Robbie in the kitchen.

"Hey" I say to them while getting a drink.

"Hey" they both said back.

"Mum I am pregnant" I tell her. 

"What, How, and when did you find out?" She asked me.

"I found out 3 days ago, and I am 2 months gone" I tell her.


 "I ain't a slut, and  you can't say anything considering you were fucking Robbie when you were with dad" I say back to her trying to remain calm. 

"So" Robbie says, and I rolled my eyes at him. 

 "I am going back to L.A to live with dad" I tell them, I walked out of the house, and got into the car. 

"Take me back to the airport please" I said to the driver.

I got in the first plane back to L.A, I got back to my dads house, and walked in.

"Hey dad" I say, my dad at me, and he looked stressed out.

 "What's up?" I asked him, and my dad sighed.

 "Two of my main guys in London have been raided because someone grassed them in about having drugs, and illegal weapons" he tells me. 

"What's going to happen?" I asked him.

"I need to go to London to sort it out" he tells me.

"Okay, and I will come with" I say to him. 

My dad was about to speak but I cut him off, and smiled at him. 

"No arguments over this I am going that's it" I tell him, and smirked at me.

 "Fine but you're still going to school" he tells me.

"Ugh fine" I say.

My dad nodded, he went up the stairs to get packed,and I looked at my stomach. 

"Mommy is going to be really tired, and jet lagged with all this flying about" I say to my stomach.

"What do you want?" My dad asked me.

"I don't know, and I guess I want a boy" I say to my dad, and my dad nodded. 

"I won't go mental at you but can you just tell me the name of the guy please?" He asked me.

"People call him King that's all I know" I tell my dad.

"Okay,and well we better get going" he says.

I nodded, got in my dads private plane, my dads has both of his right hand men with, him they are called Robert, and Andy.

We landed in London, we got to the house okay who the fuck am I kidding it's a mansion, and we walked in.

"You can have any room you want" my dad tells me.

I went to the first room, I saw which happened to be the biggest one, I unpacked then went into bed, and fell asleep. I was woken up with my dad coming in my room "dinner is ready" he tells me, I went down the stairs to see different types of Mexican food, since I have been craven it all week, and I finished eating.

"Going to bed?" My dad asked me. 

"Yeah I am tired" I tell him,and my dad nodded at me.

 "Okay well don't forget your at school tomorrow" he tells me.  

"How can I forget" I say *note sarcasm*.

I went for a shower, got changed into my onesie,and then fell asleep. I was woken up with my dad coming in my room.

"GET UP FOR SCHOOL" he shouted. 

I nodded, got in a shower, then put on my school uniform on, and the uniform is a skirt not too short but not too long, a shirt with a blue, and black tie. I had a text on my phone, and it's from my friend.

From Vicki
"Hey you back from L.A yet?"

To Vicki
"Yeah came back yesterday, I will get you, and my dad is giving us a lift to school."

From Vicki
"You are staying with your dad?"

To Vicki
"Yes, and we are coming to get you in 5 so be ready."

From Vicki
"Sure, and bye."

I told my dad Vicki's address, we picked her up, and drove to school. 

"Dad why is Robert, and Andy with me?" I asked him, and my dad turned to me.

 "Roberts with you, and Andrews with Vicki" he tells me. 

"Why?" I asked him.

"The people that have my  two main guys in jail will try, take you as another weakness so that's why these two are with you, and your friend Vicki" he tells me.

"Okay" I say.

We got to the school my dad parked,  Vicki, Robert, Andrew, and I got out of the car, and people staring at me.

"I will see you after school" I tell my dad, and my dad smiled.

 "Yeah, and bye princess" he says, I smiled at him, he drove off, and I walked into school.

"What did you do in L.A?" Vicki asked me.

"Nothing much just went out with my cousin, and his friends" I tell her.

"Okay what else?" She asked me. 

"I also text you telling you about the thing" I tell her, and Vicki nodded.

 "Yeah that sucks well it doesn't suck"...I cut her off. 

"Calm down, and it's fine I know what you meant" I tell her. 

"well are you going to tell King?" She asked me.

"I don't know, and I mean he moved to Aberdeen" I tell her.

"Eh no he's back" Vicki said, and I looked at her with wide eyes.

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