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Vanessa's POV

I stepped inside the school only to be greeted by a bunch of name calling and whispering from the whores, jocks, up to the nerds and the wanna bees. Well, what do you expect? Them to greet me "hello"? And besides, I'm just a worthless slave for them.

My name is Vanessa Truce. Adopted by the beta of the Moonbeam Pack (yes, we are werewolves). I have midnight black hair and dull grey eyes. And since today is my birthday,which is the only birthday not celebrated by the pack, i am now 16 years old, the age where we shift and find our mate.

I was on my way to my first class which is Chemistry, when i was thrown to the nearest locker. Laughter and more names were thrown at me.

I looked up to see who my "torturer",as i'd like to call it, of the day was. Only to be greeted by the one and only Brianna, aka the Queen B(itch) and her little minions.

" watch it bitch" said the Queen Bee herself 

"yeah watch it" followed Cathalinda, Brianna's "friend".

I tried standing up, only to be pushed down by the jocks.  

"w-what do y-you w-want from m-me?" i shakily asked, afraid of what they might do to me again

"this" was all she said before throwing a bunch of eggs my way. Laughter filled the halls, the teachers not even bothering of helping me for they are one of the cruel members of the pack. Oh that's right, this school, the Moonbeam High, is a werewolf school.

I was about to run away from them when i heard a melodic yet manly voice 

"where do you think you're going bitch?!"  

I turned around only to see Seth, the soon to be alpha.

Thats when the most amazing scent of rain and pine trees hit me like a ton of bricks.

the word "mate" slipped my mouth earning myself a couple of shocked faces from the crowd which seemed to have gathered around us

"what did you say? You think i would let a weak little bitch like you would be my MATE?!!" 

he shouted the last part making me flinch as tears started to pool in my eyes.

"but we a-are"

"then guess what, I, Seth Voir, reject you Vanessa Truce as my mate" As he said those words, i felt as if everything came crashing down

"you know, i-i thought that when i find my mate he would save me from this hell hole, to do what mates are supposed to do, to help, to love, and to cherish. But i guess i was wrong." and with that, i ran towards the forest as tears started to flow down my cheeks.

I was halfway through when i felt the most painful thing aside from when i was rejected. Bones started breaking taking on a new form sending an enormous amount of pain through my body.  

'what is happening?' i asked myself

'simple, you are shifting' said a voice before another amount of pain was sent through my body sending me to a dark oblivion.


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