Third Wheel

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So, I'm at the park with Clove . . . and Cato. Of course. They've been dating for three and a half weeks, and it feels like Clove hasn't payed me any attention. I mean, she really has, but it feels like she hasn't. "You're so cute when you have chocolate on your face." Clove giggles.

Cato's smile fades as his eyebrows furrow. "Huh? I don't have chocolate on my face." He says and Clove smears chocolate on his face with her hand. "Hey!" Cato exclaims, laughing.

Clove jumps up and takes off running. Cato chases her, both laughing and Clove chanting, "You can't get me!"

"I bet I can!" Cato shouts at her. Clove spins and hops on the merry-go-round, giggling. Cato hops on and leans over to her, kissing her lips. "Gotcha!" He shouts as they pull away and he grabs her waist, pulling her into him and she shrieks playfully as they fall to the ground, her on top of him. I walk closer to them.

"Um-hm," she hums as she pulls herself up, propping up on her elbow and leaning down to kiss his lips. "I know." She whispers.

"Hey, guys." I say, getting their attention. "We should get something to eat."

"But, we just-" Cato starts.

"Chocolate covered cherries doesn't count, Hadley." I snap.

"Okay," he says, spinning his keys around his finger and we walk to his car.

When we are in the car, Cato inserts the key in the ignition and Clove links her arm with his, leaning in to kiss him. "You're so cold," she giggles.

"Hm," he hums. "I'm freezing."

"Aw," She kisses him again. "Poor baby." She says into the kiss.

"Can we go now, guys?" I ask. "Before I go Hannibal Lector?"

Cato looks back at me and smiles. "Oh sorry, Glimmer, I forgot you were here."

"Ha! Ha!" I fake laugh.

"I'm sorry," he says. "I'll buy you roses and chocolates to complete my apology, later." I see that he rolls his eyes in the rear-view mirror.

"Hm," I hum. "Charming. You treat all girls this way or...?"

"So, Glim, where do you want to go eat?" Clove asks, smiling at me.

"Where ever you guys want to eat," I say.

"McDonalds?" She asks.

"Please?" I ask.

Cato sighs, putting the car in gear and backing up out of the park's parking lot.


"Bye, Cato." I say as I get out at Clove's house.

"Bye, babe." Clove says and kisses him. "See you later."

"Bye," Cato says softly as they pull away and he puts the car in gear and backs out of the driveway.

Clove grabs my wrist, pulling me with her into her house and upstairs to her room. "Help me pick out an outfit for later," she commands.

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