Chapter 1

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Hey this is a new story I am planning on writing since it's been sitting in my head for a while. I hope you enjoy. Thanks.

Walter's POV

The team and I were doing our separate projects in the garage today. I was working on a new code to improve security, Happy was working on a motorcycle engine, Toby was writing a paper for some contest, Sylvester was reading his comics, and Paige was reading some magazine. A normal day indeed.

A few minutes past ten, Cabe came rushing in, a frantic look in his eye. He took in his surroundings, and announced "Everyone come here we have an important case".

The team met him in the center of the garage, waiting for the job. "Last night, a hacker broke into many different government agencies, not taking anything but it was done in minutes. You are to find exactly who did this, and how they did it." Cabe said.

We all got into Cabe's car and made our way to the location that they tracked the hacker to. It was a rundown house on the edge of LA. There were already Homeland Officers there who had detained the owner of the house.

Everyone stepped out of the van, each taking in the scene. I followed Cabe over to the man they thought hacked into the systems. Toby followed, appeasing his curiosity. We walked to the suspect, it was a man in his mid 40s with a fading hairline, big belly, and rotten breath. It hurt to be near him. I could feel the general populous get more stupid. I was going to say that this was not the man, but Toby beat me to it.

"Ohh, no. This is not the guy. I mean look at him." Toby explained to Cabe. "He has very dilated pupils, meaning he consumes a lot of alcohol, probably a drunk. My guess is that he gets very angry and possessive when he drinks too much. His knuckles are split, so he has it something or someone very hard, very recently." he finished.

"This is where the hacker was traced to it had to be done from his house. What about his wife," motioning to the frail blond woman seated next to the suspect, "do you think she could have done it?". I knew there was no way it was the wife, but I let Toby handle this.

"Ohh thats even worse. Look at her hands, she is twitchy and picks at her nails. $20 says she's a drug addict. If she is always like that, there is no way that she could hold her concentration long enough to hack into anywhere. Also, I don't think either of these fine representatives of humanity could even tell you how a microwave works let alone hack into a government system." Toby said with his usual sarcastic charm.

Cabe seemed befuddled. So I helped him out. I accessed the computer that is in the house, quickly by passing and locks. I then pulled up the access logs. Finding no evidence of any hacking or internet use, I went back to Cabe and gave him the information. "This computer did not even touch those systems. Unless there is another computer in the house, the hacker was never here." I said, showing my findings to the team, that had now gathered by Cabe.

Cabe turned to the suspected man and asked, "Is this the only computer you own?". The man sneered and replied, "I only gots that one and the one my kid uses for school." Ah there we have progress, that computer could have been used for the hacking.

"Where is this kid of yours? It's a Saturday isn't it, no school". Cabe asked, obviously thinking the same thing as I was. We find the kid, we find the hacker.

"She's probably at the library, she hangs out there a lot. Supposedly tutors kids at night." The man replied.

"What do you mean supposedly?" I asked.

"She's not all that bright, never pays any attention when you're talking, and her hands twitch when you talk, like she doesn't like it. She can barely talk let alone tutor any kid." The man sneered when he talked about his daughter. It was suspicious, but I didn't say anything just walked back to Cabe's van and got it along the rest of the team.

We are going to the library. We are going to find a hacker. We are going to solve this case.

Thanks for reading. I don't update a lot of my stories much, so I don't know when any chapters of this or any of my others stories will be posted. I have a lot on my plate with high school this year since I am taking two years of math at once. I'm insane I know. I hope you like my new story. If you have any comments about any of my stories feel free to message me. If you want to suggest anything too that great. Thanks again for reading. I will try and update soon. Bye.

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