Chapter (30)

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"And their loss, will never be forgotten." I paused looking up from the microphone and looked out across the sea of crying people that sat in the pews. My family sitting to the side; and the coffins lined behind me.

Taking a deep breath in and closing my eyes for a moment. "We shall never forget." I spoke into the microphone. Sobs echoed through the large church and my heart, lined with sadness, took in the church; the setting sun filtering the last ray of sunshine for the day across the room.

Stepping away from the microphone I returned to my seat which was placed next to my father's side. We had still not spoken since our argument this morning. I knew that tonight he planned to lead an attack on one of the Griffins towns.

Bloodshed and death was to be the only result of this planned attack.  I folded the piece of paper that I had my speech written on. If only things could be different, I thought as I watched the men stand from the first pew back to the sixth pews, with two men to a side for each coffin; they were lifted and in a slow sadness filled march, they were sent down the alter aisle.

Liam and I rose to our feet, following our father's and mother's lead. The whole church rose to their feet, showing respect. Fixing the tiara on my head, I pushed my free soft blonde curls which lay around my face and tossed them to my back.

I was forced to watch, with a sorrow filled heart.


"NO WE DON'T WANT TOO!" Screamed a child outside the church. Pausing and watching the scene as two young children clung together, ignoring the old lady who was trying to pull them away from the church.

"Orphans." Liam whispered in my ear; turning my head and looking up at him.

"Both?" I asked him. He nodded his head before someone asked for his attention.

Looking back at the two children; who were refusing to move from their positions outside the church. The one thing I had forgotten from all this mess and loss; was the children that were left behind.

I dodged people from side to side as I made my way towards them. My heels clicked on the concrete and the night breeze whooshed around my hair. Standing to the side of them I watched the old lady try and pull them apart.

"What seems to be the problem?" I asked softly. The old lady whipped around to face me, sending me a nervous smile.

"Nothing, my highness." She quickly replied while standing in front of the children. Walking past her I lowered myself to my knees next to the children.

"Explain." I said slowly to them, watching their eyes widen in fright. Taking in their appearance they were indeed twins, both had the same face and features. Both would be around the age of 8.

"We want to stay together." The little girl choked to me through her snobs as she tightened her hand on her brother's arm.

Nodding my head and turning my face up towards the old lady. "Why are the children being separated?" 

I felt her fear as she replied, "We can't find someone willing to take both."

Brushing a tear away from the little girls face, "I will care for them, until someone else is able." I gestured my hand for her to leave, but she remained frozen.

"But my highness, it is not your responsibility." She said with worry in her tone. Cocking my head to the side as I looked up at her, I felt my tiara move slightly onto of my head.

"You are all my responsibility." Standing to my feet, I pulled the little girl's grip off her brother's arm and placed her hand in mine; taking her brothers' in my other hand.

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