Black History Month Poem

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Last time I checked we’re all human,

So why is society tryna make fights and fusions?

But I know a solution to diffusion the blind hate and illusions,

Cuz everyones heart is filled with pollution,

Thanks to those who started the delusions.

We need to loosen the unproven,

Wash all the hate and execution,

Unite as one in a union.

But this ungenuine comparison,

Of whites and African American’s,

Isn’t the medicine to our problems, nor the regimen.

We’re always putting one another down, closing our hearts,

Walkin round with a frown

From all this hate im gonna drown!

Love is what we need to discover,

But hate is what we all uncover,

We need to stop the suffer of stereo types getting rougher

Our souls need to recover.

your no better than me,

im no better than you,

shame on you to disagree,

from my view the jokes on you,

peaceful is what we should be.

we are all one nation,

so whats with the elimination in our population,

pride and discrimination.

society is like a bad dream, i hope im in a hallucination!

Being racist,

theres simply no explanation!

I know as a matter of fact, that im not black,

but im freestylin, hittin up track,

cuz I know love is something we all lack.

But im dedicating this one to black history month,

Shut your racism, hold your tongue

Before you breathe it with your lungs,

And before racism overcomes.

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