Ariana made her way down the marble, spiral staircase with her friend, Barbara trailing behind. She was doing a photoshoot with her boyfriend's band and Ariana decided to come along. Ariana did nothing all day after the first leg of her tour finished so she figured it was time to go out.

The two stalked outside and made their way inside the black SUV, immediately falling into a conversation as the car moved.


"I haven't been here in ages," Ariana commented, looking at her surroundings. Barbara nodded, clicking the elevator button. The doors opened and they walked in. "Who's your boyfriend again?" Ariana inquired, tilting her head. "Louis Tomlinson. Why?" Barbara knitted her eyebrows in curiosity. Ariana's eyes widened at the very familiar name. Louis Tomlinson, best friend of Harry Styles – also known as her high school tormenter. Ariana's past wasn't something she would like to converse about. In fact, she kept it a secret, her brother the only one knowing. Ariana didn't even tell Barbara.

"Oh," Ariana squeaked, her hands beginning to feel clammy. She wiped her sweaty hands on her dark blue jeans, fiddling with her slender fingertips. When Ariana left Holmes Chapel to persuade her acting career, she was over the roof. She was happy that she would be able to get away from Harry. But when she heard that he was practically sky-rocketing towards the top of the charts with his band, Ariana couldn't help but feel nervous. Especially since the two were getting more known with each minute that passed.

"Are you alright?" Barbara questioned, a concern look on her face. Ariana nodded, no words emitting from her mouth. Barbara nodded suspiciously, but nonetheless, she left it alone and opened the door to where her photoshoot was going to take place.

"Hey, Barbara!" Cindy, the photographer grinned, waving at Barbara. Barbara grinned, waving back and striding over towards her, giving her a hug. Cindy pulled away and smiled at Ariana. "Hello, Ariana. You probably don't know me, but I'm Cindy." She introduced herself to Ariana. She smiled, shaking her hand, "Nice to meet you." Ariana nodded.

"Alright, so the boys will be here shortly. I've received a text from their management saying that their running a bit late. I will be right back, I need to deal with a couple of things." Cindy explained, earning a nod from Barbara. "Make yourselves at home!" Cindy smiled, walking out the door.

Ariana pursed her lips, playing with the tips of her damaged hair. She began tapping her thigh and shoes, the heel of her shoe echoing throughout the room.

"Okay, is there something you need to tell me?" Barbara sighed, staring at Ariana intensely. "No. I'm fine," Ariana said, the lie slipping off her tongue easily. "Bull," Barbara scoffed, shaking her head. "Tell me!" She insisted, grabbing Ariana's arm.

"It's nothing!" Ariana denied, trying to convince Barbara nothing was wrong. For so long, Ariana has kept this secret, she wasn't exactly ready to reveal it to Barbara, but she felt like she had no choice. It wouldn't be fair to Barbara since she always told absolutely everything to Ariana.


Ariana sighed, biting her lip. "Okay! I'll tell you," She mumbled, fiddling with the rings on her finger. "So, um. You're boyfriend, Louis. His bandmate, Harry – we used to go to the same school, and he like –" Ariana was cut off by the door opening. Cindy walked through followed by four guys. Ariana let out a squeak, abruptly standing up and walking towards were the rack of clothes were. "Ariana!" Barbara sighed.

Harry snapped his head towards the mention of her name, his eyes furrowing in confusion.

Ariana shut her eyes tightly, biting her lip. She opened her eyes, trying to blend in with all the stylists. It wasn't everyday where you see your old bully and crush. Ariana desperately wanted to scream and slap herself for still having feelings for Harry. How could someone fall in love with their bully?

"Alright! Harry and Niall, could you please go over there and pick your clothes?" Ariana could hear Cindy said. Ariana cursed under her breath, mumbling profanities. "Fuck," She whispered once she saw the two nearing. Ariana looked around, swiftly turning a corner and bumping into someone right away. "Sorry!" She squeaked, bending down, fumbling to pick up the make-up brushes that had fallen out of the guy's grasp. "I'm sorry," She apologized once again. "It's alright, Ariana," The guy giggled, brushing off her apology. Ariana smiled lightly before scampering off.

"What if I wore this?" She heard Niall's Irish accent. Harry let out a laugh, amused by Niall holding up a pink dress to his body.


After what felt like hours to Ariana, Harry and Niall left the area, making Ariana let out a breath of relief. "Avoiding someone?" She heard someone say. Ariana let out a small shriek, clutching her hand to her chest. She looked up, seeing Louis stand above her, an amused smile plastered on his face. "No," She lied, giggling nervously. "Um," Ariana paused. "I'm Ariana Grande, Barbara's best friend. I don't think we've met," She introduced herself, holding out a hand for Louis to shake. "I know who you are. I'm Louis Tomlinson, Barbara's mother," Louis joked, a grin on his face, making Ariana laugh.

"Where's Louis?" Barbara questioned. Louis popped his head out of the corner. "Here!" He grinned, waving at his girlfriend. "Have you seen Ariana? You know what she looks like," Barbara questioned. "Oh god," Ariana breathed. Harry snapped his head towards Barbara, the name being very familiar. "Yeah, she's right here. Just met her. Sweet girl!" Louis explained, walking towards her. "Ariana, I need help. Can you come out here for a sec?" Barbara called out, oblivious to Ariana's intentions of hiding from Harry. "Y-Yeah," She stuttered, walking out.

"Ariana?" Harry gaped in surprise.



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