Santana Lopez was just your average girl in high school. She was a Junior at West Mckinleigh High School in Lima Ohio. She was head Cheerio when Quin Febray was kicked off the squad. she got her spot back for promising not to cause trouble again. Things could go bad again if she doesn't keep her act together. Santana was a Lesbian but she hasn't told anyone. Little did she know, Nina Chang Mikes Sophomore sister was a Lesbian too. he never spoke of her because his dad would hate it if he did. She goes to shcool here and she is sworn never to tell anyone about herself in fear her dad will take her out of school and away from her older brother Mike. What happens when they meet for the first time as she tries out for a cheerio? Find out more in this fan fiction about two girls from different worlds who cross paths for the first time ever.

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