Foundation of Information system

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Foundation Of Information Systems In Business

What Is An Information System?

An Information System can be any organized combination Of:

- people,

- hardware,

- software,

- communications networks,

- policies.

People rely on modern information systems to communicate using a variable:

- physical devices (hardware).

- information processing instruction and

procedures (software).

- communications channels (network).

- stored data (data resources).

Examples Of Information Systems:

i.Smoke signals for communication

ii.Card catalog in a library

iii.The cash register

The Major Areas Of Information Systems Knowledge Needed By Business Professionals

1. Foundation concepts.

concept about the components and roles of information systems.

2. Information technologies.

hardware, software, networks, data management, many internet based technologies.

3. Business applications.

operations, management, competitive advantage of a business.

4. Development processes.

plan, develop, and implement information systems to meet business opportunities.

5. Management challenges.

the challenges of effectively and ethically managing information technology at end user, enterprise, and global levels of a business.

The Fundamental Roles Of Information System In Business

There are three fundamental reasons:

1. Support of its business processes and operations.

2. Support of decision making by its employees and managers.

3. Support of its strategies for competitive advantage.

Types Of Information Systems

1.Operations support system

2.Management Support System

3.Decision Support System

4. Executive Information System

1.Operations support systems:

- Transaction processing systems

-- process data resulting from business

transactions, update operational

databases, and produce business


Examples: Sales and inventory,

processing and accounting


- Process control systems.

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