(Young) Bruce Wayne 1

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It was a normal day in Gotham City for (Y/n). She was walking down the street on a lovely autumn afternoon. She was wearing her favorite beanie, scarf, a beige trench coat, grey tank top, dark wash skinny jeans, and black heeled boots along with a black slouch bag. She was walking past 'The Penguins Umbrella' (a night club that she had never been to and never will) when a young male ran by her and bumped into. He stopped his run and turned to her.

"Sorry. Are you alright?" He said

"Yeah. I'm fine." (Y/n) said looking at him.

The kid was maybe in his early teens, maybe her age.

"What are you doing out here by yourself?" He asked her

"I could ask you the same thing." She told him


"For what? To be a WWE fighter?"

"No. Just in case I ever get into a fight on the streets."

"Ah. Well, running won't help. Take a boxing lesson or two." She said and turned and walked away.

"Wait, you didn't give me an answer." He yelled after her

"Just taking a stroll through Gotham." She said not turning to look at him.

"Also. I didn't catch your name." He then yelled

"That's because you didn't ask for it." She yelled back then turned the corner of the street.

~ three weeks later~

(Y/n) was on her way back home from school when she ran into a few kids from school. Of course, it was the people that picked on her because she was a 'nerd'.

"Hey. Look who it is." One of them said pointing at her.

She picked up her pace and held her books to her chest as she walked past them. The taller one of the four, David, grabbed her shoulder and jerked her against the wall.

"Going somewhere?" He asked

"Yeah. Home. If you haven't noticed, we live in Gotham and it's not the best place to hang out." She spat at him.

He said nothing but just slapped her books out of her hands and walked away with his friends laughing. (Y/n) watched them walk away then knelt down to pick up her books. She had only picked up her math book when a car stopped in front of her and a young man came out and walked over to her. He knelt done and started helping her pick up her books.

"Thanks." She said has he handed her her library book.

"No problem." He said as he stood up and helped her up. "Wait. I think I've met you before."

"Yeah. Three weeks ago when you accidentally bumped into me when running." She said

"Right. I'm Bruce Wayne." He said holding out his hand

"(Y/n) (L/n)." She said shaking his hand

"Come on Master Bruce." Someone yelled from the car.

Bruce turned to the car and said "One second Alfred." Then turned back to (Y/n) "Do you need a ride home?" He asked her.

"No. I live a couple blocks from here. It's no worry." She told him

"No. Please. I insist." He said

"Ok." She said.

Bruce stepped aside and (Y/n) stepped in the with Bruce behind her.

"Who's your friend here Master Bruce?" Alfred asked from the front seat

"This is (Y/n) and we are giving her a ride home." Bruce said.

"Alright. Where to ma'm?" asked her

She told him the address of her house and drove to location. To kill time her and Bruce talked. What their past was, how school was, etc., simple things. Alfred arrived at (Y/n) house. She gathered her things and thanked them both and got out of the car as it drove off. (Y/n) looked down at her book and notice a piece of paper. She opened it and it read had a phone number and was signed with Bruce's name. She smiled and went inside her warm home.

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