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Justin's POV

"Have you seen Y/N?" This chick asked me. I looked her up and down. "No. Who are you?" I said. "Oh I'm Ionic. A friend of hers and I haven't seen her in a long time." She stated.

"Neither have I." I said bluntly. "Aren't you like her boyfriend?" She asked. I nodded still taking my books out of my locker.

"Well tell her I was looking for her." She said when she finally took the hint I didn't want to talk to her. "Justin man, where has Y/N been?" Chaz said grabbing my shoulder.

I shrugged and put everything in my bookbag. "It's gonna be okay man. She's gonna come back." He said. "Yeah I know. Ima go now. Bye." I said. "Justin we still have 4 more periods. Haven't even had lunch yet." He said.

"I know. I'm going home. Don't feel to good." I said walking away from him. When I got to my car I put my bag down and sat there. I banged on the steering wheel and sighed loudly.

Today is our anniversary. She's not even here to celebrate with me. I miss my babygirl so much. Where could she be?

I went to McDonald's and got some chicken nuggets before heading home. When I got home I ate my food and watched netflix. I kept checking my phone so see if I had any notifications from Y/N. Nothing.

"Justin? Why are you still up?" Someone said. I looked up from the computer to see my mom. I looked back at my phone. Gosh it's already 10:00. "Time got ahead of me." I said shutting down the computer and getting up.

"Listen Justin, I know you miss Y/N a lot. But she's gonna come back baby. I promise you." My mom said pulling me into her arms. It felt nice being in someone's arms again. She kissed my cheek and pulled away.

"I love you mama." I said. "I love you too Justin." She said smiling at me and walking past me. I sighed and started up the stairs. I kinda am really sleepy.

2:00 am. I woke up and looked at my clock. Haven't been asleep that long I guess. I got up and ran over to my nike slides by the door. Even though I have on socks the floor is still cold as fuck.

I went downstairs and grabbed a sparkling water out of the refrigerator. I drunk some of it and took the rest back upstairs with me. When I got into my bed I dug back under the covers to get back into my warm spot.

Knock. Knock. Knock. I heard someone knocking on my balcony window. I got up and grabbed my water. So if it's an intruder I can splash this in their eyes and run. Duh.

I slowly walked to the door and twisted the knobs. I opened it to a surprise.

"Y/N?" I said. "Hey justy boo." She said smiling slightly. I pulled her in and shut the doors because it was cold out there. I walked over to the light and turned them on.

I turned back around and looked at her. "Y/N where have you be-" I stopped when I looked at her belly. "Y-you're pregnant?" I said. She nodded tearing up.

"I have a long story to tell you." She said. "So can we just lay down talk about it?" She said grabbing my hand. I snatched it away from her. "No I'm not gonna lay down and talk about it! You cheated on me! You're a slut! Get out!" I shouted at her.

She started crying harder. "Justin!" My mother said from behind me. She walked up to me and slapped me shitless. "I don't care what she has done. You won't call her that!" She said.

I looked at her then Y/N. "I think you should leave." I said. "JUSTIN I DIDNT WANT THIS! I WAS RAPED!" She screamed at me. My heart dropped. My princess was raped some animal.

"Aw baby." My mother said pulling Y/N into her arms. She laid her head on my moms shoulders. My mom looked at me and I knew exactly what she meant.

I went over to them and grabbed Y/N. I picked her up and walked her to my bed. I laid her on the bed and took off her shoes and jacket. I put them on the computer table and crawled in behind her.

"Goodnight you guys." My mother said walking out and turning off the light. I pulled Y/N and I under the covers. I wrapped my arms around her rubbed her small bump. "I love you so much." I said kissing her ear.

"I love you too Justin." She replied to me.

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