Daron's Story continues...

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Daron readers, a couple of emails I've gotten lately made me realize a LOT of folks don't realize there are now almost 450 chapters of Daron's Guitar Chronicles on Wattpad.

There are! :-) I know a lot of folks stopped at the end of "book one" but it onyl stops where it does because the people who run Wattpad told me not to put more than 200 chapters into a single "story"!

Daron's story keeps going in multiple "works" on WP.

For those of you who REALLY can't get enough though, there are currently 664 chapters on my own website, http://daron.ceciliatan.com/ where I post two chapters a week!

Wattpad will eventually catch up with the main site. I guess let me do the math... in another 44 weeks Wattpad will catch up. We're posting every day to Wattpad but only twice a week at the main site.

This is not to say you "should" switch from WP to the main site-- not at all -- read wherever you enjoy it. I just wanted to give you a heads up, though, that there are various fan activities and such going on at the main site, too, fanfic challenges, meme contests, and such, so if you're finding yourself really obsessed with Daron and Ziggy and you want to meet more people who are, too, you're welcome to come visit any time. http://daron.ceciliatan.com

OK back to writing for me now!


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