Chapter 25: Bricks

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October 6th 2015


"I don't mean to be rude, but who are you?" hung in the tense air. No one seems to want to answer, and I felt at a disadvantage. Everyone was accustomed to one another and I, not so much. Silver the most unlikely one to answer this, which was strange, he always seemed to want me to be comfortable around him.

I shuffled slightly in Silver's lap. He had gone all tense as he awaited the answer, truthfully he had gone all tensed as soon as we heard their voices. How would these two strangers respond? They obviously knew the other members in the room- I was the only one here without a clue- everyone else in the room was silent and apprehensive of them all of a sudden. The one thing I knew was that Silver would not be the one to explain; he rather have none of this happening.

I patiently waited, as I did, I took the time to finally study our new guests. The first one to speak was a beautiful young women, maybe in her early twenties. She had long blonde hair that flowed to her waist and a gorgeous sun kissed tan. She had bright blue eyes and a slim figure- she wore tight fitted shirt and mini skirt. She stood poised with a glamorous flair. Next to her was a older women, who too was beautiful. She had matching blonde hair and the same bright blue eyes. She had beautifully well kept figure, however she lacked the youthful look. She too looked quite glamorous- emitting a sophisticated aura. She smirked at me. "I could ask you the same thing" then she casually dragged her eyes up and down my frame. " But by the way you and Damien are snuggled up, I guess you must be his boyfriend". I slightly froze at the this. Was Damian openly gay was the first thing to pop into my mind. Was I gay? The second, but we weren't together like that, we hadn't come to any conclusion yet. I could feel the heat rising in my cheeks as i was about to object to this-

"So what if he is? Have a problem with that?" Damian glared. Whoever these two women were, they were not welcomed here.

"Why would I have a problem with that? If he makes you happy then that's all that matters. I just wants what's best for you, son" The older women responded. Then it clicked. This was the mother who had disappeared to marry some man after Silvers dad died. She was the one who left him here, alone, when he needed his mother most. I could notice the similarities now. her hair was a few shades lighter blonde, but the natural waves was the same. The curve of her mouth and shape to her eyes were similar. But their eyes were so different- hers a oceanic blue, his the stone grey.

"Fine, whatever, say what you want- whatever floats your boat. It's not like you have ever cared before." Silver growled from beside me. Then he turned his head, and glared at the younger women. "What are you doing here Mia. never thought I'd see the day you'd think to return to this small town. Hollywood- not so glamorous, as you thought?" Silver sneered at her. It was strange seeing him so viscous, he was always so calm and collected. He only ever showed emotion when he was talking about his dad, but that was sadness and grief. Never anger.

"I was in L.A. When I received some news and thought it was best I told my family. It took me a little while but I contacted mum and she was the one who said we should come here together to talk to you in person. I see now you are busy but once your done I would love to catch up properally. I never meant to hurt you Damian, i missed you so much" She replied back patiently, where she seemed genuine enough. But Damian seemed to disagree as he scoffed at her response.

"Just spit it out Mia, what do you want? Money- is that it? Well, look around, I got plenty of that. Take as much as you need and get out." He snapped back getting more aggressive with each spoken word.

"Damian, I don't want your money or any money. I just want to apologise. I want to talk about all of this. About us" but by her pause I could tell she could see she was failing at this argument. She then began to speak from a different perspective and point. each time seemingly failing to get Silver to co-operate.

"no Damian. I have some news. I want to speak to you alone. I got in touch with mom about it and now she was the one who brought me here to tell you. I want to put the past behind us, we can go forward with this and a clean slate."  She replies calmly and slowly as if Silver was a slow child who needed a lot of explaining. I suddenly felt possessive over silver, as I reached for his hand, that was beside me and gave it a squeeze. What right do these women have to patronize Silver when I bet he is a stronger and so much better a person then both of them put together.

Silver cackled a humourless laugh at them. "I don't care about your news. So get out." Neither of the two moved a muscle or flinched at his outburst. "get out!" he yelled and this time his voice was filled with menace. No longer my sweet Silver who took me on evening picnics and saved me from rainstorms resonated. No, he was replaced by a man who was unforgiving nor merciful. The too women began to retreat beginning words of complaint. But each time Silver would interrupt shutting them down before they had the chance to begin.

Finally, the front door slammed shut. It was then like Silver was a balloon deflating, because his tense muscles retracted and he fell slack against the seat, beneath me. I turned around to see his face. His eyes had turned a matt, stone grey. No flecks of Silver. They weren't sparkly like they were this morning with the promise of mischief, nor carried the worry of Jaxon's news. Instead they were set in a cold indifference, almost uncaring. I watched him momentarily wondering how to approach the subject of what had just taken place. But silver responded first.

"sorry about that, where were we?" he said. Moving his hard set eyes in turn to each of us. Just like that, the arrival of his mother and presumably his sister was ignored as if they were just some annoying strangers at the door. Then it sunk in, if they were here, and Silver was acting like this, something was seriously wrong. My perfect life was coming crashing down like a ton of bricks. Fast and hard.

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