Chapter Twenty-One» Spaghetti And A Wedding

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I stared flabbergasted at the man before me. Hearing his words ringing loudly against my ears, echoing across in each corner. The very energy within me, now remained completely drained out. Hearing my wild heart slamming.

His warm arms that held my body protectively tightened. Fearing if he'd let go I'd crumble and I too, held on to him. Not trusting my wobbling knees.

What seemed like hours, but were mere seconds I found myself, slowly backing away, I could feel Omar tense as he released his embrace. Allowing me to breath. Running a hand on to my face, I brushed aside the wet trails feeling hundreds of questions bombard me.

One of utter betrayal, of weakness.

How could I embrace him like that? Allow him to see me weak?

Not having the courage to glance at him. I pulled my veil upwards and turned around, wanting to move away from his prying eyes. As far away as I could.

My movements were abruptly stopped feeling a large hand reach towards mine, pulling me backwards. A yelp ripped from my mouth, feeling Omar's strong arms snake around my waist. Holding me close.

"Stop running for once and look around " He mumbled behind me. His deep throaty voice echoing across my ears. Sending shivers down my spine.

I could feel my body melting hearing the man breath sharply. His hold tightening. I shouldn't fall for this, I knew this was just a game to him. I knew where he went every night, what he did but God.

Why did I feel so weak right now. It's as though I couldn't fight against my conscious and my heart any longer.

" Omar let me go " I whispered softly wanting the man to release the embrace. Memories of the events from earlier flashed before me, the all too familiar fear crawling on to me. They way that man spoke, holding so much promise in his words. In his message for Omar.

I hadn't ever seen Omar react the way he did. I hadn't ever seen him on edge . I was scared, seeing him so relaxed yet knowing he wasn't. Knowing something was brewing inside those charcoal eyes.

He was an enigma. A puzzle I couldn't solve. He revealed everything, but then he revealed nothing.

Loosening his hold on me. Part of me was glad, that I could now freely go and sulk somewhere yet another part of me, didn't want him to let me go. That part of me wanted him to hold me, to embrace me yet I knew I was only being foolish. He had reacted like any another man would.

Trying to compose myself. I willed the strength in me to not turn around and look at him. Fearing if I did, I wouldn't be able to turn back. Literally.

Brushing the events from earlier, to rekindle on in the darkest of nights. In which everyone's itching  demons came out, to taunt them. I found myself waking inside the large kitchen seeing the cloudy day paint the land around me grey.

Now alone, I could finally breathe peacefully. Intaking a breath, I glanced around me. Finding my gaze land on the clock seeing it nearly six in the evening.

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