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The air is cold and tickles my nose while it swirles down the street in ribbons, and the dark sky adds to the silence, I can't believe I'm going back to see him at this time. I glance at my phone, 2:35am, it's actually earlier than I had expected. My footsteps are the only sound to be heard, other than the occasional rustle of leaves, but the near silence claims that the last of human life died out years ago. The streetlights continue to knife their way through chunks of darkness behind me as I turn off the road and onto a little cobblestone path with a roof of trees overhead, it's not much further to walk now.

The trees part way as I stroll up to a black gate, the paint crisping off as I heave it open as quiet as I can, so not very quiet at all. The air seems colder now so I tighten the wooly scarf around my neck before sniffling the chill away. There's many stones around me now as I cascade through them, they're not the ones I care for yet I can see many wilting flowers around these, dying to feel warm again.
I sit down, legs crossed in front of a relatively new looking stone, this one actually meant something to me.

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