Chapter 3

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Stealing Hearts 6/3/13

Chapter 3

Allison’s POV

            I kind of feel bad for stealing his wallet. I obviously didn’t know that he would have 827$ along with his credit cards… And his phone in there. I mean who puts their phone in their wallet? I quickly shake that feeling away as I walk into a shopping mall. I watch as teenage girls walk side-by-side gossiping about the latest fashion and latest music. I ignore them trying to find some cute stores. Walking into Forever 21, I immanently check out how busy it is. There were only a few customers in there. I grab maybe seven dress or so and go behind a big rack of clothing. I grab all the shorts and shirts I actually want and double them up on the hanger. Finally going off to the dressing room I give my clothes to the worker to count and give me a little card that says seven pieces of clothing. I smirk and walk into a room double-checking to make sure the door is locked. I take some of the underclothing I have and stuff them into the bag. I do actually try on the dress so I don’t become suspicious. Most of them come to mid thigh or shorter. Deciding that I would get the dresses with Niall’s money, I take my dress, after showing the worker once again, to the cash register. With my luck, there was a guy working about my age, maybe younger. He had on nerd glasses and wore suspenders. Basically he was your average day nerd. I adjust my top so some cleavage shows, and walk up to the counter.

“Hello, how can I help you?” The young guy says without looking up. I give my best seductive smile and lean on the counter. I place my dresses on the counter catching his eye. He looks up with wide eyes when he sees me.

“I’d like to get these dresses please.”

“Uh y-yeah sure.” He stutters scanning the dresses. I bite my lip as I ‘search’ for my wallet.

“That’ll be um 274.79$ miss.” I look up with tears trimming my eyes. I give my pout, and say “It looks like I forgot my wallet.” I say frowning. He looks shocked as I say this. He soon smiles a really kind of dorky smile.

“I’ll pay for it for you.” I let in an overly exaggerated gasp looking at him in shock. Secretly in the inside I was smirking a laughing that he was foolish enough to fall for the old forgot my wallet trick.

“Oh my! Thank you sooooo much James!” I exaggerate kissing his cheek watching as reed runs up his neck to his face. He just nods his head and puts it all in a bag. I wink walking out the store. I stop when it suddenly starts beeping. I turn around in ‘shock’ as a worried James comes running. He relaxes and lets me off even though the machine keeps beeping. I blow a kiss as I walk out the store. I go into Billabong next to try and find a new skateboard. I start out in the girls’ swimsuit section picking out a couple of cute bikinis, and some board shorts for skateboarding. I then go to the back where the skateboards were. I go to the rack and try to find a new one I like. Skipping over the skull, black and white squares, zebra, the ones I already have I go straight to the splatter paint one. I smile going on my tiptoes reaching up about to grab it when an arm circles my waist lifting me up. I grab it and the mystery person slowly lifts me down. I spin around wondering who it was when my basically brother, Ryan standing there smirking.

“Damn you.” I mutter going around him to the register planning on actually paying for it. He laughs making his blond hair shake in front of his face. He flips it so you can see his pale blue eyes. He has perfectly tan body from teaching kids to skate. He jumps over the counter ringing up my clothes and board.

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