67. New Beginning?

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-well this is it. This is officially it. You guys have made me so so so happy! And for that I thank you. I love you all so so so much and I want you to know I will never give up writing. Thank you for being there, and being corny, and being amazing, and being so sweet, and honest. I love you guys and am so sad this is over. But I will keep writing and the mini series will be posted soon. I love you all again and keep in touch twitter: confusedbcharry tumblr: mckenduhx.tumblr.com ask.fm mckenduh enjoy. Xox

67. New Beginning?  

*Harry POV* 

She pulled her, now straightened, hair to side holding it up so it wouldn't get splashed with water as she rinsed out her mouth out with mouth wash. I walked past her, and slapped her bum; as she slowly dragged her mainly bare leg up between my legs.  

I bent forward, against her body and whispered into her ear.  

"You're asking for it." 

She turned her body over and kissed me. A slightly minty taste covered my lips as she pulled away, but I didn't mind really.  

I sat on the end of the bed watching her walk around in itty bitty work out shorts and a sweatshirt. She tossed her hair over her shoulder as she bent over and slid her keds on her feet. She turned around and looked at me with a smile.  

"What?" She asked surpassing a giggle.  

"I just, really, love you." I admit.  

"That's promising." she rolled her eyes at me.  

"Come 'ere." I pressured. She shook her head and walked over. I grabbed her by the waist and pulled her closer to me.  

"Stop! You make me so anxious when you do this." 

"Do what?" I asked dragging my hands down her legs. I grabbed the back of her thighs squeezing them in my palms as she put her hands on top of my wrists.  

"That!" She pointed out.  

"You're so insecure, for absolutely no reason." 

"I have my reasons, Styles." She broke from my grasp.  

"And what's that?" I asked following her to the dresser as she opened up her glasses case.  

"I don't know. It's my 15 year old self." She mumbled gliding her black, rectangular frames.  

"No." I pulled her face towards mine. "You were in such a dark place, you're much healthier now." I promised.  

"But I was so-" 

"Ill, you were ill." I whispered in her ear. She looked in her reflection at herself. Her nice soft belly and perfect thighs that rubbed together when she walked, just the way I liked them. Her full, form fitting, chest and slightly protruded but normal looking collarbones. She was healthy looking. Her 15 year old self was anorexic. She often thought about that girl, as if she was better then.  

"This is why you're my favourite." She paused. "Because you're genuinely in love with me." 

"And all your little things." 

She kissed me lightly, running her hands down the sides of my torso, and intertwining our fingers.  


"Rose." I called her over. She waltzed over to me and sat on my lap. She was still sporting the shorts and sweatshirt look, which I thoroughly enjoyed.  


"It's about time to go. It's only a couple blocks over. I figured we could walk." I insisted. Tonight we were going over to my friends house for a fire. Technically it's my friends girlfriend but that's not important.  

"Lets go." She jumped up, grabbing my hand.  

As she skipped down the hall she gave my mum a quick hug and kiss on the cheek before heading out. I stood behind, looking at my mum who smiled widely.  

"You know son, you've got a keeper." My mum started off by saying. She paused for a long time before looking back at me, "be careful, alright?"  

"I won't lose her again. We've been through far too much for me to just let her go." I nodded slightly. My mum gave me a kiss on the cheek, nodding and smiling, before giving me a hug.  

"You've grown up nicely sweetie." She pushed me towards the door.  

"You've made me who I am." I said to myself; pushing the door open running down the street to catch up to Rose.  


Rose say on my lap, as we all listened to Perries story.  

"So then I said, what are you on about? To which he replied, I think we would make such an attractive couple." We burst out laughing. Zayn rolled his eyes, I've known Zayn a good chunk of my life, and besides his vogue model good looks he's quite shy and awkward. Once you bust his barrier he's a good guy.  

"That's so cute!" Rose gushed.  

"Thanks doll! How'd you two meet?" Perrie asked sinking further into her seat.  


"We met at a party. She was standing under the mistletoe and I made my move. She turned around and I kissed her. It was so magical, so unexpectedly perfect. From that moment I've been hooked." I felt her heart beat pick up the pace as she looked at me.  

"What's your side of the story?" Perrie asked as Rose beamed down towards me.  

"I was talking to someone, and I noticed they kept glancing back, and I turned around right as he planted a kiss on my lips." I squeezed the top of her thigh in my hands. "I remember just looking at that smile he always wears on his face. And then he kissed me again. I never imagined being kissed under a mistletoe-" she paused looking down at me, then back at Perrie and Zayn. "But it was one of the more beautiful things in life." She nodded at them.  

"Dammit Zayn why didn't you kiss me under the mistletoe!" She pushed him lightly. Everyone laughed. Some people showed up in the middle of the story. Eleanor and Louis came; enjoying everyone's company, sitting to the right of Rose and me. A girl named Danielle, who I've met but once, with her boyfriend Liam. That kid I nearly killed, Niall, was here. A couple others who I would get to know throughout the night, and most importantly, start to friendships with.  

Although it wasn't said or really motioned, during a quick glance me and Rose smiled at each other as if to say: "to a bright new future." She stood up, grabbing my hand, and dragging me to the cooler. Just as she stood back up I put my hands on her hips, pulling her body closer to mine. She gasped dropping the beer as our lips pressed to each others.  

Just as we deepen the kiss big booms went of in the back ground before bright twinkly colourful lights broke the night sky.  


We pulled away smiling.  

"So, I take it, you'll stay?" She whispered against my lips. The skin grazing my own.  

"Of course, Rose. I'll stay." I promised.  

"Harry!" Someone called my name. I looked behind me and stepped in the direction of the voice. I felt a force holding me back.  

"No, stay." My face was pulled into another kiss. But I wasn't complaining.

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