Chapter 2

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His face was so familiar to me I kept searching it, trying to recognize where I had once saw it before. He had dark brown hair that was cut at the nape of his neck. His skin was dark as if he lived within the sunlight. I could feel his glaze burning upon me, but I was not yet ready to meet his eyes. He had a tight black t-shirt on and jeans that hung low on his hips, he had a very fit body and to put it quiet kindly, the man was nice to look at. When I looked up at his lips I noticed they were a light shade of pink and were placed up into a smirk, and then are eyes met by slowly but surely. His piercing green eyes looked back into mine and the shock of it all hit me incredibly hard, I could not manage to breathe. I was trying to take in everything before me, the brown smooth hair, the tanned skin, those bright green eyes. This handsome stranger is no stranger at all. He has been in my dreams every night for so long, he was my hunter and I his predator.

"Who are you?" My voice was almost a whisper and his smirk changed into a bright smile that sent my heart into a frenzy.

 My knees started to shake with nerves and chills began to run through my body, I wasn't too sure that I could hold myself up. I wasn't too sure of anything if we are being honest. What's wrong with me? The man was attractive, I am sure that had some part to play in my state of mind. But I am not one of those girls who swoon at a male I find attractive. I also had to keep in mind that this was the man who kept haunting my dreams, and that I could not ignore. His reply felt like it took an incredibly long time. 

"I am Eric Mancent the Alpha of this pack but most importantly your mate." His words came out slowly, it was almost like he knew I was ready to panic and he didn't want to scare me off. 

This time I did stop breathing. He was my mate? This beautiful stranger was my mate? I wasn't ready for a mate, I'm not ready for this. I want to go to college, and finish high school and have a chance to live before I find my mate. My heart was pounding so loudly I was sure he could hear it, I was sure everyone around us could hear it. Eric began walking towards me stopping when he was standing right affront of me. He was so close that I could feel his breath against my cheek, it smelt of sweet peppermint,  I felt tingles of chill bumps run throughout my skin. This is all just too much. I need a second, I need time to process the situation. I felt my vision starting to get blurry. I was losing control, my mind shutting off from the situation at hand. Soon enough I could only see patches of the man standing affront of me, now stepping forward to catch my falling body.

When I awake, apparently a short time after I had fallen, I was in the arms of the green eyed man. Where his body met mine I could only feel an intense warmth and an odd sense of comfort. His face was so close to mine I could simply push my lips up and meet his if I wanted too. His face showed concern, his eyebrows pursed together, his eyes not as bright and happy as before. He was waiting for me to speak, but I was not ready yet. I managed to pull myself up from the grasp of his arms and I stood on my own.

"I'm very glad to finally meet you, I have been waiting for you for such a long time. I just was not expecting our meeting to go like this. " His voice was deep and showing a sense of caution. I felt as if I wanted to drown within his words.

What was I thinking? Most people would be terrified of a man they just met who had haunted their dreams from night to night. But his voice sent waves of shock into my body, I could feel it deep in there as if it was bass shaking the ground and traveling up into me. Within a situation that should have caused me to be panicked I found some sense of calm in his words, in his voice. 

"It is nice to meet you as well. Though this meeting has definitely come as a surprise." I managed to control my voice and make common sense despite the nonsense that was running through my head. "I didn't know I was coming here to meet my mate, truthfully I didn't know I was coming to meet anyone at all." I turned around to look at my mother when I had finished talking, meeting her eyes I glared with all the force I could manage. 

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