Part 29

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"Happy Halloween" Eugene whispered in my ear.

"Happy Halloween, still being creepy I see" He grabbed me round the waist before giving me a peck on the lips. "Morning breath"

"Fine, I'll go brush my teeth" Eugene laughed.

"Speaking of brushing teeth" I got up too "What's the time?"

"9:00, Why?" 

"I have a shoot today" I sighed.

"But it's Saturday" Eugene whined.

"I know, but guess what?"


"Your Halloween costume will be surprise" The smile on his face was wide.

After chucking on some clothes and finding my way to where the shoot was, I was almost late. I walked into an old abandoned building, apparently where I would have to work today. 

"Y/N" Some women grabbed me and pulled me to a changing area.

"Hey" I smiled "What am I doing today?"

"You will be doing like, bad ass photos in like a leather jacket and stuff to promote this make-up" I nodded.

"Sounds cool. What time do you think we'll be done?"

"5:00 maybe 5:30" Long shoot I guess.

It was a long day. I had to pose on windowsills and things like that. They had been wrong by the time I finished it was 7:00 and I was tired but still looking forward to going to the Halloween party. 

When I had finished my shoot, the make-up people took everything they had put on earlier off and then made me look like a zombie. Eugene and I were going to surprise each other with our costumes because we both liked Halloween. 

They handed me the dress I was going to wear. It was blue with a white apron over top. They grabbed my hair putting a bow in it. In case you didn't guess, I was going to be Zombie Alice In Wonder Land. I put on some long white socks that had been made to look like they had been covered in blood and dirt. I also put on some black heels.

"8:30?" I asked. Confused how it took that long for me to get ready.

"Yeah" One of the girls laughed.

"Thank you so much for helping me girls" I smiled at all of them.

"It's fine. Gave us something to do" We all laughed.

"Well I gotta run" I ran outside and got the car, which Eugene had let me take. I did have to get my own though.

"Hey" I called Eugene.

"Hey, Whats up?" 

"I just wanted to ask if you were home" 

"Nah. I'm at a friends house we're gonna leave at 9:00. Why? Are you okay?"

"Yeah, Yeah I'm fine I just wanted to call in home and I didn't want to ruin the costume thing"

"Nah. It's fine. See you soon"

"Yep" I smiled hanging up.

Hey guys. I've updated earlier and might not be able to update soon, because I've suffered a burn to my hand and have had to type most of this one handed. I hope you're all okay and have enjoyed the chapter and my costume choice. (Picture above)

Love you.  

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