A Sparkly Encounter (A JongKey Fanfic) ONE

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The Bell above the entrance to the shop gave that monotonous drone of flat notes to declare the arrival of the next potential customers. It was the same thing every time someone came in so the noise didn’t particularly interest Key who was standing behind the counter, reading a magazine lazily.

                The boy’s feline eyes cast a half hearted glare in the direction of the mob of girls hoarding in. Their obnoxious laughs filled the small store as they gushed over the cute accessories. Honestly, Key didn’t know why he still worked here. The hours sucked, the customers were annoying; his pay wasn’t all that great neither and he could only stand being around such cutesy merchandise for so long.

                A hefty sigh left Key as he flipped the page in his magazine. Words stared up at him, explaining something pointless more or less about the smiling girl in the picture. He tried to ignore the little whispers by focusing on the article but it was really much too boring.

                That familiar tune played again as someone else came in. Key felt a long sigh brush by his pink lips and flipped yet another page. He was hoping that the people would leave soon. He’d probably have to go reorganize everything on the shelves now since they were shoving things in their hunt for whatever it was they wanted.

                Thankfully, the group of girls came to the counter, hands laden with key chains and other stuff. They placed their items on the counter, giggling as Key rung them up.

                “That’ll be ten won,” he announced, his voice completely not meeting the customer friendly status quo.

                Nonetheless, the girls seemed cheery as they passed him the due amount.

                “Come again,” Key chirped in the same monotonous manner that the door song had.

                As soon as they left, the employee went to investigate everything they’d touched. As expected, everything was askew from the perfect arrangement that Key worked hard on (it was basically all he could do during his long and boring work hours). Key was busily arranging his Hello Kitty display when a voice startled him into knocking it all down.

                Angry as hell, he whipped around to tell the person off.

                “Yah! What’d wrong with you?! Can’t you see that I’m working?! Don’t sneak up on working people!” he shrieked at the unsuspecting victim.

                The person turned out to be a rather short guy with hair as dark a brown as his puppy like eyes. He had smooth, stubble free cheeks that were further defined by the high cheek bones he had, and despite his short stature, the shirt he was wearing defined his muscles all over.

                Key, being the strong willed diva that he was, wasn’t swayed the least bit by this guy’s surprisingly good looks. Even when he flashed him a charming guilty smile he didn’t budge in his feelings for the stranger.

                “Sorry, I just wanted to know if you had any Hello Kitty stickers,” the guy said sheepishly.

                Key’s eyes narrowed as he viciously grabbed a pack of stickers from what was left of his display and shoved it into the other’s hands. Without another look to him he squatted down to pick up the mess he’d made earlier. Obscenities were being mumbled under his breath as he picked up a couple pink pens that had broken upon impact with the floor.

                He straightened up, dumping the disorganized merchandise onto the shelf since he was too peeved to put it in its proper place at the moment. It didn’t help Key’s mood any more to find the guy who’d asked him for the stickers blocking his way.

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