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Day 3: Josh learns about Maya's family problems

Never judge a book by it's cover.
On the outside Maya Hart seems like she has life together. Like she has boys pawning over her all the time and a great family.
But thats not true.
And I realized how Maya's not what she seems when she opens up to me about her life.

The last time I saw Maya, we had
connected in a way I never expected us to connect. To be honest I never expected us to connect at all.
But when she showed up at a
party I was going to she surprised me. She wasn't all over me like earlier, she had changed. She'd matured.
I didn't think Maya actually liked
me, I thought it was a game, I thought she barely knew me. Then she laid down all these things that didn't involve my looks, then she told me.
She liked me.
Maya hart. Really did like me.
She's tree years younger then you
Josh, She's in eighth grade. Your in twelfth. She'll get over you. She'll realize your older and it wouldn't work.
I mean how could it work, with me going to collage next year and her just starting high school.
Maya's gorgeous she deserves to date people not be tied down so soon in life.
Besides, I didn't like Maya.
Ive been trying to tell her every time I see her I tell her I'm too old for her. But, she keeps insisting that age doesn't matter. But it does.
Why does she need me in her life? I mean she has to have guys pawning over her. She probably has so many people that care about her.
A mom,
A dad.
That cowboy.
That kid who's name I can never seem to remember for the life of me despite the fact that him and Riley have been friends longer then Riley and Maya.
Maya's great she has to have people all over her. It would be unbelievable if she didn't.

I had asked Corey if I could come down for a while. We were supposed to go explore the collage we were going to.
So since I had gotten into NYU, and a few weeks earlier had had a chance to check it out I thought I could check out some career opportunities.
Check out the museums in New York as well as help out my brother and see what it's like to be a teacher.
So I called Cor up and he raved about the idea. He was so happy I was looking into the option of being a teacher.
So, I drove three hours from Philadelphia to New York city to stay with Corey and Topanga for the week.
I got there around dinner time on a Sunday night. My brother was very excited. And kept going on about what he'd be teaching all his classes during the week.
He told me that on the Monday, he and some other teachers would be taking his eighth grade history classes to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
There were eight classes, eight different sets of students to teach history to for five days.
But, Corey did things differently, not only did he teach them history. But he taught them life lessons. Things they could use and look to in life.
I found that inspiring.
My brother taught me a lot in my life, all my siblings did. My parents taught me more, I was fortunate to be blessed with such a wise family. Although stupid at times. They knew a lot; and I loved them for it.
Eight classes.
Eight similar lessons.
20 students a class.
160 eighth grade students in total.
In the spanned of five days.
But the only class I could think of was the one my niece and her friends were in.
Laying in bed waiting for dreamland to take me away; I found my mind wandering to the firry blonde.
I knew for a fact Maya, didn't know I was coming up. That is because when I finally got here it had been after Riley had gone to bed. And I had asked Corey to keep me coming up a secret so I could surprise her.
And Maya.
I wonder what Maya is like at school.
She seems like the rebellious type who causes trouble; going around teasing all her friends, but sticks up for those who need it. She seems like she acts all cool and really popular but shes the girl that does pretty good in school.
But also like the quiet type who doodles on everything she sees; I wonder what she'll be like at the museum. I know she loves art.
Where as Riley is the content and clumsy girl who is adored by everyone and is overly happy and perky all the time. Riley like my sister in law Topanga is perfect at school.
But Riley has so much Corey in her.
The way she thinks, her happiness. The way she wants everyone and things to be perfect.
I guess you could say Maya is like the Shawn in the relationship.
Free spirited. Creative. Popular. Goofy. Smarter then you'd think. But, Shawn had family problems. Thats one thing I knew; and as far as I could tell Maya didn't.
Maya didn't seem to have any problems that weren't "average teenage girl problems".
At least I didn't think so.

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