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Day 2: Maya and Josh talk about art.

Art is my passion. It allows me to escape reality for a little while and create my own abstract twisted world.
The fact that we both have a similar love for art makes me fall. Even. More.

It  had been a while since I last saw
Joshua. When he came and joined the Matthew's annual family game night I was ecstatic, I had developed a small obsession, but it was just because of his looks. I did not have a crush on him. Maya hart doesn't have crushes.
     Then Shawn--awesome make me
hope for a dad Shawn--asks us all to come for a road trip, with him. Of course my mom said yes, after all it was the Matthews.
     I knew Josh would be coming on
this trip Riley even confirmed it. So, I was both excited and nervous. I decided to play it cool. That coolness dissolved when I saw Josh in tight skinny jeans, a classy but cool coat and a beanie. Luckily I was beside Riley so when my knees buckled she caught me and of course told me to keep my dignity.  
     That had been running out the
door since the day I first laid my eyes on his handsome face.
     Riley and I had gotten our own shared room with two bed. Of course we shared it with Mrs. Matthews who Mr.Matthews had booked in our room with Auggie so he and shawn could have some catching up time with each other and Josh.
     It was an okay deal, at least we
were on a vacation, I didn't get much of those. Nor did I get to stay in a nice hotel. Shawn was taking pictures and experiencing the hotel so he could write a review on it for his job.
     Pretty cool job he had, traveling.
Like a free bird. He got to see and experience amazing things, I want to do something similar I think.
     "So, what do you want to do first."
Riley said, as she approached me. "Food or pool."
    "You know I want to say food but
the pool is literally glittering, so...."
     "Pool." We both agreed, and proceeded to get our things and change into our swim suits.
     "Bye mom!"
     "See ya Mrs. Matthews!"
After awhile of swimming I got out to dry, I had brought my sketch book down, so I could sketch a little while I relaxed.
     Riley and Auggie were playing
Marco-Polo with Mr and Mrs Matthews while Shawn took some pictures of the hotel. So I was alone and I was perfectly fine that way.
     In my concentration I hadn't
noticed Joshua who was playing with the Matthews, nor did I notice him jump out and dry his hair with a towel, I didn't notice him at all until he sat down in the chair beside me and ask me what I was drawing.
     I jumped a little, in shock, which
gave him a reason to chuckle and smile.
     "Little squeamish, Maya?" He
     "No, you just shocked me thats
all." I replied.
     I looked at Joshua, his hair was slightly damp, and messy. My eyes slowly wandered to his abs. I mean how could they not?! And my cheeks burst into a pink red combination. Oh no. He was even physically attractive. Joshua Matthews will be the death of me.
      Josh laughed at my reaction to his physical appearance. Then leaned in to try and get a look at my drawing, I pulled my sketchbook back--regaining my coolness. And trying to avert my eyes from his body--and closed it. "Awe, come on. Let me see what  you were drawing."
     "Because I'm curious."
     "Because, I want to see what
interests you."
      Joshua sighed, annoyed and I smirked. "Your confusing you know that?"
     "I do Josh, I do know that."
     He chuckled again knowing thats what I said to him the last time he told me he was too old for me.
     I gently handed my sketchbook to him. Taking it he looked up at me almost to make sure I was okay with him looking at my sketches, I nodded and he opened up the book.
      His eyes opened up slightly,
almost in shock, and his mouth turned into a small grin as he flipped through the pages admiring and trying to comprehend the meaning of each drawing.
I blushed a little; becoming embarrassed at my art. "They're just some sketches nothing special, just doodles."
Josh looked up, "Don't be so modest Maya these are amazing."
He went back to exploring my sketch book--my art. He went back to exploring my art, it was art Maya, Josh even said so. Half way through the book he stopped at the current one I was working on.
"Wow, Maya. These are beautiful.
You have real talent."
Especially this one, he whispered to himself. I think he thought I didn't hear that, so I kept the fact that I did to myself.
He looked up at me and smiled, a smile so amazing I blushed a pinkish red--In spite of myself.
"Thanks, that means a lot coming
from you." I replied honestly. It did. It meant a lot to me that he liked them.
He looked up at me and smiled,
looking as if he wanted to say something, but didn't. He just smiled.
Joshua looked back down at the
unfinished drawing.  The drawing showed a birds eye view of a small girl falling out of a tree into the open arms of the outline of a boy; the very boy who had saved me when I was ten, Joshua Matthews.
"Who are they?" He asked O so
innocently as he brushed his thumb over the drawing of the girl delicately; careful not to smudge the art.
"You tell me?" I replied, teasingly.
Hoping, Knowing he remembered.
But instead of a reply Josh just
smirked. "Really Maya, these are amazing, you put a lot of heart into them I can tell. They're so detailed, twisted. Abstract almost."
"Art enthusiast?" I laughed, the
way he went on made me think he had to know something about art.
"Kind of, I kinda want to do
something involving the art section of museums, maybe manage them, assistant director." He replied nonchalantly, I could tell he was still considering all his options.
"You could do the research to find undiscovered pieces from famous artists, and find the meaning of pieces of art, like researching and stuff."
He smiled slightly, almost pleased
with the suggestion. "Yeah, I like that." He went into a trance of thought and I didn't dare try to interrupt it. He looked like I imagined I looked when I drew or painted. So immersed in my own land, to busy concentrating, creating to focus on the outside world. I watched as he thought, then soon a moment or two later shook himself off of his train of thought and said;
"Who knows? Weird thing will
happen in life, and Ill be interested in a lot of different things, you never know where the path might lead. You just got to have hope it will take you in the right direction."
I liked that, I didn't often have
hope, but being here, with Joshua made me forget that. It just brought me into a different world of just the two of us, smiling to each other about nothing in particular, just the presence of each other. That, that I hated to think was enough to give me hope.

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