Chapter One

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Aurora's Pov

Life is a funny thing. You never truly know what is going to happen in it. One day can change your entire world. That's what happened when I was paired up with Derek Luh for a school project.

"Okay kids today we are starting a new project. I will assign you each a project title and partner. And before you ask no I will not change who I assigned you with. It is for a purpose." my teacher Mrs. Arno says. She says twenty minutes into class. She always waits fifeteen minutes before she starts class. Why you ask?

Well because of a certain hottie who never came to class on time. She liked him so she gave him the benefit of the doubt. Mr. Derek Luh.

Thinking of him made me look in his direction. He had his head down with his hood over his head. He was the popular bad boy. Girls loved him and boys wanted to be him.

"Okay so let's begin when I call your names come forward so I can give you your title."

I sit patiently for my name to be called. After about ten minutes I hear it. "Aurora Steele and Derek Luh." I get up quickly before walking to the front. It takes Derek a while to get here but he finally did.

"Okay guys." Mrs. Arno starts. "Your topics will revolve around interracial relationship and music. It doesn't matter how you relate the two or if you even do. But by the end of the year I want to know your individual experiences in the both the worlds of music and interracial relationship.
Got it?" she asks. I look up at Derek who is already looking at me. I quickly avoid eye contact before shaking my head yeah. So does he.

After class and as I'm walking down the hallway I feel a hand grab me. It's Derek smirking down at me. "Yes?" I ask.

"I was wondering if you'd want to work on the project today? You know so we can gon ahead it get it over with."

"Yeah that fine. Your house or my house?" I ask hoping he say his house. I really couldn't handle my overprotective dad.

"Mine." He says before taking my phone out of my hand."

When he gives it back he has put his number in and a note of his address.

"How's four o'clock?" he asks.

Good I say before walking away.

"Wow." I thought as I pulled up to the beautiful three story house. As I got out my truck the door to the house opens. A beautiful brunette steps out of the house.

When she sees me she graces me with a gorgeous smile. "Oh my your pretty. You can go on in Derek is in the kitchen. Oh and I'm Delaney by the way."

I follow the directions to find Derek standing in the kitchen eating a snack... Shirtless.

I gape at the view not knowing what to do. This was my first time in such a predicament.

"Like what you see?" I hear Derek say. When I look at his face he has a sexy smirk on it. I look away quickly thankful for my dark skin so he couldn't see the blush on my face. How embarrsing. My first encounter with a hot boy ever and I do this. Wow Aurora Wow.

"Come on." he says grabbing my arm and pulling me with him.

"So let's begin." I say as we sit on his luxurious bed.

"Do you have any ideas?" I ask him.

"Yeah. I was thinking about for the music that we you know make Music and try to sell it to people. And that portion of the project can be about how hard it is to make it yet along get into the music business you know." I shake my head.

"Yeah but whose going to make the music?" I ask him unsure. He couldn't know, could he?

"Don't play dumb Aurora everyone knows your the biggest music nerd there is. And I dabble in rapping okay."

I shake my head again nervous and embarrassed.

"Okay that answers the music part but what about the interracial relationships part?"

"Now this is the fun part." he says smirking.

"What?" I ask scared of his response.

"We be a interracial relationship and see the impact it has on the students of Brookwood Yellow Jackets and even the world." he says and I freeze up.


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