Is it true?

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Me and prince are about to me up wit ray until I felt kinda weird i told prince to let me take a shower and freshen up

I took a shower and decided to wear red and black to match prince my outfit was a red and black cropped shirt with black cargos and red and black air Jordan's

Prince: i like that guy look on you babe

Jaeci: thanks baby but u sounded gay when u said that btw

Prince: fine ill restate it

Prince: I love my look on you baby

Jaeci: haha your so conceited babe

Prince: yes ok

Jaeci: haha come on

Prince: alright let me get my keys

Prince pov

I went to go grab my keys when when I remembered my mom said I needed to go get groceries i told Jaeci, we decided to go shop at Walmart for food.... Until I heard someone call my name i knew exactly who it was bri I didn't want to talk to her it's been 2 years since what happened I wanted a fresh start with everything and Jaeci.....I don't want to loose her


Jaeci: uh babe y she callin u by your gov name and who the is she

Prince: baby uh ill tell u later

Bri: who's this girl

Prince: my wife

Jaeci: *shocked

Bri: how u gonna marry someone and not even check on your 2 year old daughter Jacob

Jaeci: *even more shocked

Prince: she wasn't even mine she doesn't look anything like me she looks like Craig and u no it

Jaeci: um ok this is too much baby I'm going to go shopping for more

Prince: look bri she's not mine me and u fucked once, and u was fuckin prod behind my back

Bri: look i got the baby wit me be right back

Prince: ok

Bri: ealana Mariaz jake Perez come here sweety

Prince: look at her she looks just like prod

Bri: you no what Jacob bye

Prince: bye!!!!

Jaeci pov

Was it true, was the baby his and he left wht if I was pregnant and he left

This couldn't of been true, the baby had to be prods omg *phone vibrates

Jaysprince: baby it wasn't true that's not my kid it's Craig's

Jakesprincess: ok I'm bye the meat come over here

Jaysprince: ok I love you

Jakesprincess: ok you to

Prince pov

This was a mess how could bri say that baby was mine it didn't even look like me

Plus she fucked prod 18x behind my back we only fucked 1x who baby u think this is I decided to just get the food and go put them away and go to rays the whole time we didn't talk me and Jaeci arrived down the block at ray I stopped the car and kissed Jaeci i told her that the baby wasn't mine and if it was I would've of left....I don't want you to think that if we had a kid i would leave no not you i would stay