Once he took a bite while driving out onto the road, I then finished the first half. "What's Cheshire like?"

"Uhhh..." Harry nervously laughed as he bit his lip in thought. "Well, Cheshire is... it's-it's nice there. You'll like it."

Smirking, I knew he wasn't being exactly truthful. "Is it a great place to live with your girlfriend? AKA me?"

He then smirked also, nodding immediately. "If you don't mind getting mugged every night then it's perfect."

"What are the cons to living in Cheshire, exactly?"

"Well," Once again, he had the case of nervous laughter. "You can't walk into a McDonald's bathroom without getting an STD. There are perverts groping you wherever you go, however- there are great canal rides."

I rolled my eyes in disbelief, my head shaking a little as I took a bite out of the second half of my sandwich. "What's up with your voice? It's kind of, I don't know, weird. It's like you're nervous."

I grasped his hand, and held it tight until he quickly broke it to change gear, so then I gently palmed his thigh in reassurance. "Do I really sound nervous?"

"Just a little."


The rest of the car ride went rather quickly, most of it consisted of trash talking Clyde as he rode Harry's bike right behind us. We stopped a couple of times to use the restroom or get a quick coffee. We were now out of my beautiful country called Wales, and in the crusty little land of England.

I was resting my elbow on the armrest beside me, leaning my chin into my my fist as I stared longingly out into the English view of countless traffic and buildings surrounding us. It was terribly different to where I lived.

"What do you think?" Harry quietly asked beside me.

"It's busy," was the only response I could think of. "But it's actually cute, in a way. Kind of old fashioned."

"That's Cheshire for you."

Ten minutes past of Harry giving me a small tour around Cheshire in Clyde's scrap metal car. We drove around the town, by the shopping centres and past the canal. I had no idea where we were driving now, Harry just told me it was where we were staying for a couple of nights.

Through a strong atmospheric silence, I pulled my schoolwork from my bag and slowly read through my notes for English Literature as a way to kill some time.

"What are you doing?" Harry asked quietly.

"Studying English Literature." I murmured, not entirely focused on Harry as my work was resting right in front of me.


"Because our exam is like, in a month." I laughed a little, looking at him with a small smirk but his face was somewhat expressionless, his eyes fixed onto the road as we were approaching a place which seemed more suburban and secluded, where there were only a row of high priced houses among us.

"Hey," I called softly, my eyes gazing at the houses that we were passing. "Where are you going?"

He didn't reply, and for some reason I wasn't as concerned as I should have been. I only stared outside some more. "Are we staying here?"

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