59. Last Show

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It was about 5 minutes before showtime, I quickly went to Justin. 

"Good luck baby. You're going to kill it." I kissed him for good luck. 

"I'll see you in a second." He reconnected our lips.


Justin grabbed my chin one last time and gave me another tender kiss. He left me and jogged on stage. I felt a hand on my shoulder. 

"Can wait to see you on stage too." I looked over to find Pattie.

"I hope I can impress you." I smiled. 

"You already have." She patted my shoulder and walked away. I was pulled forward by Sammie. 

"Showtime RiRi."

We skipped and clapped to the stage. I stood to Justin's side. He looked over to me and smiled. My body felt like it was on fire when his fingers skimmed over my exposed belly. He moved across the stage and winked at me.

I felt butterflies like when he first told me I had a beautiful smile. I continued to dance, but Justin currently had me on cloud 9. He knows how to get me going.

I did everything I could not to look in his direction. I wanted to stay focused and do my job. I saw him walked behind me. I didn't pay it any attention, until he pinched my side.

I swatted at him, but he had already run away. The crowd laughed and so did the crew. I shook my head in embarrassment. Justin was at the other end of the stage cheesing.

Everyone started back dancing. Justin skipped behind me and flipped my hair. I ran out of my spot and chased him a few feet. He's too fast.

Everyone on stage was goofing off and having a great time. The crowd seemed really into it also. Justin ran off stage for a costume change. The dancers entertained the crowd during the intermission.

I snuck off stage and found Justin. 

"Stop messing with me, Bieber. I'm trying to work here." I pinched his bum. 

"I just want to make sure you're having a good time." He pulled off his shirt. 

"I am boss." I kissed his cheek.

"Are you having a good time?" I asked. 

"As long as you're smiling, I'm fine." 

"You are my smile baby." I hold his chin and repeatedly pecked his lips. I skipped back on stage and danced with Sammie.

We formed a semi circle and people took turns dancing in the middle. I was pushed into it. The crowd cheered and I put on a mini dance show.

The crowd got louder and louder as I went on. Just when I thought they couldn't get louder, they did. Someone held my hand and twirled me under them. I was pulled into their chest and kissed on my nose.

I know those lips anywhere. It was Justin. Beauty And A Beat started playing. We all remained in our circle and danced. Justin sang in the middle.

Everyone looked so happy and free. Justin gave me this I want you over here look. I went to him. He bit his bottom lip and turned me around.

My back was to him. I could feel his presence close to mine. His lips were near my ear. I felt his hand on my hips. My first instinct was to move them, so I did to the beat.

"I wanna feel your body RooockKkk." He sang seductively in my ear. Our body move perfectly in sync even though our hips weren't grinding against each others', the crowd went nuts.

I turned to face him and playfully shoved him away and finished the rest of the show on a newfound high.

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