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The Seven Deadly Simpson Brothers

Chapter 40 ~ Hospital

As soon as we reached the hospital they whizzed Eli off to the emergency theatre and Walter and I were left in the waiting area. Gomez was already there, and Giovanni had been taken out to go and have an x-ray for his wrist. There were other people there all looking anxious or plain worn out.

I wanted to cry, but I couldn't. It didn't seen real enough that this had really happened. Walter sat looking at the floor beside me. He looked a mess, his clothes untidy and his hair dishevelled so I took his hand and squeezed it. Walter smiled back at me but I could tell his heart wasn't in it.

Gomez had his eyes closed and looked very tired and pretty upset. He had a few bruises on his face, and his hands had dried blood on them. I didn't know who's it was.

"They're going to be okay," I said outloud.

"Who are you trying to convince?" Gomez mumbled, his eyes still closed.

I said nothing, it was pointless and the only thing we could do was wait.

Half an hour later Giovanni came back with a cast on his wrist looking drained.

"It's fractured," he explained glumly. "Have they said anything about Severn and Eli?"

"No haven't seen anyone at all," I answered.

He sighed and went to sit down. Walter put an arm around my shoulders and let me lean on him. I breathed in his smell, he was helping me get through this...God if it was him in the operating theatre I don't know how I'd cope.

We still hadn't heard any news when Phoenix and Landon arrived. As soon as Gomez and Giovanni saw Phoenix they surprised me by starting to cry. They made no attempt to cover it up which was strangely unusual for the triplets. Phoenix pulled them close and hugged the two of them while they cried into his chest. We were definetely the centre of attention here. Many eyes were on Landon who's hoodie was covered in blood. He sat beside Walter, his elbows resting on his knees looking into space. I wondered how he was feeling...what he was thinking.

"They are going to get the police involved," Walter said suddenly.

"Who are?" Landon asked, his hands buried in his hair as the stared at the floor.

"The fucking hospital, who else?" Walter hissed.

"Oh," Landon murmured.

"We aren't pressing charges," Phoenix stated looking over his blonde brothers' heads. "Because they'll get mixed up in our shit too."

"You can't let them get away," Gomez murmured sniffing loud.

"Oh I'll sort something out," Phoenix said with a twitch of a smile.

Just then a nurse walked through and Landon shot up to get her attention. She was young and pretty with her hair neatly clipped back.

"Excuse me?" Landon touched her arm. "Can you help us?"

She took one look at him and gasped. "You should be in A&E! Has anyone seen to you?"

"No," Landon shook his head. "I'm not hurt it's my brothers."

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