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Day 1: How Josh and Maya Met.

It's so easy to fall for someone
with a beautiful face, but when you fall for an amazing being in every which way you.fall.hard.
And thats what I did, I fell hard.

He Is so attractive. When I first
met him he was just 'cute', at a young age I wasn't really thinking about his looks I was just intrigued by him.
Then when I was 14 I met him
again, and god did he hit me. He strolled in teasing Matthews Dad and he was stunning. It wasn't just his looks that attracted me to him it was his demeanor too. He was very attractive, but he walked in so nonchalantly like he knew what the world was like and knew how to own it, his confidence was attractive.
Of course being a girl the first
thing I actually noticed was his looks, his chocolate brown hair and eyes, his strong but slim build and of course his white toothy smile that would slickly turn into a grin.
Then, being someone who was
very outgoing and loud I pointed and said 'Boing'; Riley knew that smile, it was my "that boy is attractive..who is he?" smile, a wide toothy smile that lit up my face, my eyes; practically screaming my butterflies and thoughts.
When Riley told me he was her
uncle Josh and I was thrilled; growing up in a broken home I became practically a Matthew's daughter. But not by blood, or law. So, the idea of Josh--although I currently knew nothing about him--and I becoming a thing of course entered my mind. I wanted to be a Matthew's. The Matthew's were good whole-hearted people that did amazing in life, I had Mrs and Mr Matthews proving my point, since well the day Riles and I met.
They're amazing. And I had no
doubt in my mind Joshua Matthews was any bit less amazing.
So, I was goofy and threw myself
at him, then he told me it had been a while. My memory was a little foggy so id half to think about when we'd met but I knew we had.
Then, Josh broke down my wall
and let all my butterflies fly free. Every last one of them, just by looking me in the eyes and saying four words.
You grew up gorgeous.
Those words threw a giggle out
of my mouth and I didn't even care.
I'd never felt this way, sure Id had
crushes and been a crushee but nobody's ever made me feel butterflies this badly.
And giggle!! Maya cool Maya did
not giggle. Oh! But I did, and my face hurts from smiling so much and he is so so cute. I thought I'd play it cool mixed with the little odd throwing myself at him thats gotta make him see me.

The night had come and gone, with laughs, new encounters, the beard guy version of me. Who by the way is Matthews best friend.
They thought they could compare
to Riles and me.
No one could compare to two
seamless best friends. We are 1 in a million, ying and yang, the sun and the moon and I'm jabbering on to myself when I should be trying to go to sleep.
Riley slept soundly beside me. I
had attempted to sneak aways and get on the subway to get home but Matthews had insisted It was far too late and dark.
So, like every year now I spend
christmas with the Matthews then go home around lunch time when my moms shift ends, by that time shes exhausted and my Nana's wide awake from sleeping all day, so christmas is short a gift or two each and a tuna sandwich each from the diner my mom worked at.
It was simple not as extravagant as
a girl could dream but at least I got a gift or two from the Matthews each year.
Do you see what I meant by them
being whole-hearted amazing people. They didn't have to tend for me, give me breakfast every morning, gift, or even treat me like a proper child, but they did. Because they were amazing. And I loved that.
But here I am still, wide awake
thinking about the strangest of things, all the while Riley snores lightly beside me. She was perfect even in her sleep.
And there they go again my
thoughts wondering to another subject yay.
I tried to think of how I knew Josh,
when had I met him?
Then, it hit me.
I remembered him. I remembered
his voice and his glittering child eyes, his wide grin with a few missing teeth. His style back then was a mess, kakis, sports shirts random colours that didn't even match.
I remembered him. Hm, funny.
I remember going up with the
Matthew's in February to Philadelphia where Corey and Topanga grew up. It was a long drive from New York to Phili, but Riles and I hung in.
We were only 10. That made
Joshua 13. He was a scrawny 13 year old, skinny but strong.
I think I remember the snow more
then I did Josh. Sure it snowed in New York and the wind could cut you in half but we never had room for snowball fights or snowmen, sure the odd time when we went to the park, but the snow in New York couldn't compare to the after amass of the blizzard in Philadelphia.
Some parts went up to my knees
it was insane. We had to wear special pants that the Matthews said kept us warm and let us play in the snow without getting wet. We had to wear big coats and tighten the wrists over big sloppy mittens, and the scarf I hated the most but I appreciated it when it protected my face from the snowballs and such.
Riles and I went out to play
before supper, and after I had met all the Matthews--they were every bit as perfect as I knew they would be. Although one of them was just...weird...We didn't talk much.
We played for a good two hours--
Building snowmen, snow angels and having snow ball fight--before Riley started to play with Auggie who looked like a giant 3 year old marshmallow, and I went exploring.
I found a big tree with lots of
branches that looked good for climbing and a fallen tree resting on one big branch. I had never seen a tree so bizarre. And easy to climb. Im New York we could never climb the trees so thats what I did I climbed and I climbed and I climbed. I stopped pretty high up and sat in between a branch and the branch from the fallen trees--Resting my legs over it. I had no idea how I was going to get down. But I didn't care. I was so calm. It was so peaceful. Philadelphia was quiet. I liked it.
I closed my eyes to rest for a bit
and in the midst of absorbing, the peacefulness, the branch my legs were resting on budged, And I slipped.
Before I knew it I was hanging
upside down. The only thing holding me up;my legs wrapped around a branch that was slowly sliding, ready to fall. I didn't even notice the screech that left my mouth, but I knew I had screamed when Riley began to call my name and trudge through the snow.
When she spotted me she started trudging faster, hoping she could help me.
But, at this rate my head would be
under 4 feet of snow by the time she got here. So, I swallowed hard and tightly closed my eyes willing this to be a dream. I did not want to fall from a 40 foot tree into the chilling snow where I would not be able to get out of and then suffocate, in the middle of no where Philadelphia.
Opening my eyes--hoping to be
back home in my bed--I saw a blurry figure running towards the tree I was hanging out of. Then the branch budged and Riley screamed and I fell, everything was going so fast then the air was knocked out of me as I landed on something hard, but soft.
Snow was around me and I was
in the arms of a kneeling person. Blinking to make my vision clear I looked up and saw the rosy cheeks of none other then Joshua Matthews.
"Are you okay?" He asked with
much concern.
"Wh-who are you?" At the time I
didn't realize Riley's uncle was a couple years older then us, I thought the scrawny but relevantly cute boy was her cousin or something.
He chuckled. "I'm Riley's uncle,
Your Maya right?"
At that point I had begun to sit up
and stand.
"Yeah, Riley's my best friend"
"Yeah, I know." What I do
remember most from this conversation was the way he was looking at me, so intently, like if he didn't stop I would fall from that tree again.
"Maya!!!" Riley screamed.
She had interrupted our
conversation then thanked Josh. Then with a small goodbye she dragged me away back to the Matthews home.
"Throughout the night the
Matthews teased me and Josh lightly and cooed at the fact Josh 'saved my life'. Sure I could have broken something but died?! Thats exaggerative.
If I didn't notice him before I sure
did now.
He didn't just have a scrawny
build. It was athletic too. For a thirteen year old boy, he sure was kind. He teased his parents and everyone teased him. But he helped his mother with Supper, and set the table along with the crazy one.
He was...different. He intrigued
So, thats how I knew Joshua
Matthews. He saved me.
Who would've thought of that.

A/N Okay so That's the first Chapter of my story hope you all like it. 6 more parts from here.

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