Chapter 18: I Quit.

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"Ummm, Cake. Are you done yet? I've been standing here for like an hour now." I asked as my sister cat, Cake, is fixing my gown for Gumball's party.

"Chill baby, don't worry, all your standing will be worth it since this gown is going to be fabulous!" 

"Yeah...I doubt it." I rolled my eyes.

"Excuse me?" 

"Oh, sorry Cake. It's just, didnt I tell you that I just wanted this dress to be simple?" 

"Yes, but think about it. Once Gumball see's you in this, he'll fall madly in love with you!"

"Yeah..." I sighed.

"Okay it's done!" Cake rejoiced. "Take a look at the mirror."

I took a few steps towards the mirror and felt really nervous for what I'm about to see. Is wearing a dress...really going to make a difference?

I held my head up high and was stunged by my own reflection. I was a lady...I was facing a beautiful, elegant lady...It's like...It's not even me anymore.

I was wearing a light pink, glittering gown, with a red rose at the side of my hip. Yes, it's simple, but it would have been simplier without the glittering effects.

"So? you like it?" Cake asked while smiling.

I sighed....Yes, I loved it. But why do I feel so depressed? 

"Yeah, I love it. Thanks Cake." 



"What's wrong?" She looked concern.

"Nothing, just...alittle nervous for the party." I struggled a smile.

"Fionna..." She said quietly as she pushed my back slowly towards the couch. I eventually sat on it.

"Spill." she said.

"Really, Cake. It's nothing, I'm fine." I gave her a big smile.

"Fionna...we both know that's not true. Come on, you can tell me? It's me. I wanna know." She said with a really heartwarming voice.

"Cake...I can't really..." 

"We promised each other to always be there for each other, didnt we? Fi. Please. Tell me what's wrong." 

I knew it....I could never hide something from Cake. I'm going to tell her.

I took a deep breath, then exhaled slowly.

"Am I....doing the right thing? Cake?" I asked.

"Huh?" She looked confussed. She then sat next to me.

"What do you mean?" She asked.

"I mean....being Gumball's date in all..." 

"What? Sweetie...what are you talking about? Arent you the one that have been crushing on him, FOREVER? I mean...isnt this what you've always wanted? Isnt this like a dream for you?" 

"It is!" I feel more confussed now.

" tell me? What's going through your head, Fionna?"

"It's just....I feel like...something is pulling me back."

"From what?" I felt intense as Cake asked it. What am I suppose to answer?

"I don't know." I murmured quietly...I couldnt hide my frown...I just feel so lost....right now.

"Wait....don't tell me...this about Marshall lee, isnt it?" 

I wasnt shock....but I still twitched for some reason. I felt an arrow as Cake stated his name. It was so uncomfortable...

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