~* Chapter 5 *~ (PART I )

The class took FOREVER! I mean, a lecture about paint is ok... BUT 4? Ok, you talk to much Mrs. Dumbrowski, and that is final. I’m surprised we even had 5 minutes to work on our 3-D model of a mansion. She is losing it. 

The next period was just as strenuous but, we actually had time to work on math homework. When the bell rung, I bursted out the door to my locker. Put everything away, walked by Annabel, grabbed her. 


“We’re eating lunch with Alex Luca!” I told her all excited.

“Well, that explains that. But, why are we eating lunch with Alex Luca?”  she asked confused.

“Well, he was going to ask me to the upcoming dance but, the teacher interrupted him so, he told me lunch and I nodded. Simple as that!” I explained.

“Looky here! Abi, you are too smart. Taking Mr. Luca before anyone else could? Or did he ask you out because he knew you were desperate?” Amy said as she sauntered to a stop right in front of me, blocking Annabel.

I just ignored her and headed to his table with Annabel close behind. When I sat down Alex looked at me then said, “Hey! So, about earlier.... Will, uhh, you, Abigail, go to the Halloween dance with me?” 

“Sure,” I looked toward Amy and crew to see their faces, stunned with horror, “that would be awesome...”

“ Cool.. So, shall we go get lunch?” he asked, I nodded and we went to get in line.  I got a hamburger with lettuce, tomato, pickles, ketchup, and mustard, and a coca-cola. I knew I would go off as a foodie... But, I had a high metabolism so, I just need to jog this afternoon. 

I thought I was eating big... Until I saw what Alex was getting. 2 hamburgers, a vanilla milkshake, and 4 chocolate chip cookies. I was gawking when he ordered. I went to the cashier and told her my order and she said it was $ 5.67. I was about to hand her a ten when it was swatted out of my hand and Alex told her what he ordered and said the meals were together. In total it was: $ 24.79. I handed Alex a ten, but he just gave it back and handed the cashier $30. 

When we got back to the table, “ I could have paid for myself you know...” I reminded him.

“I know that,” he smiled, “but I thought that was what nice boys do to pretty girls such as yourself.” At that I felt blood flow into my cheeks ‘causing me to blush. I just giggled and we talked until the bell rang for next period we waved bye but, he came up to me and kissed me on the cheek. Then he said bye and went off... I had a blush on my cheeks for sure and probably a goofy smile on my face.

When I reached my locker that all changed. The peppiest person in school was standing at my locker, Olivia Bailde, the leader of the student activities committee. 

“I’m so glad to hear that you decided to sign up to help with decorations for the Halloween Dance on Friday! To tell the truth, I was a little surprised when I saw your name since I thought you wouldn’t be into it or anything...” I lost interest and my jaw dropped when she said I signed up for decorations. I DID NOT! 

“ Um... There must be a mis-understanding! I didn’t sign up,” the smile dropped from her face, “Can I not decorate?”

“ I’m so sorry but, every student on decorations is permanently their. No way out... Sorry.” she said then looked down, came back up with a grin, “ See you Thursday after-school in the gym to plan!” she giggled then ran off.

GREAT! Just great! I hate decorating and school related activities... So I would most likely hate this too. 

I decided to check out who was on the committee... Since I had to spend two afternoon’s with them, I might as well know. The list consisted of 24 people.

Olivia Bailde Charlotte Porla Alex Luca

When I saw Alex Luca, I jumped for joy! I hated everyone else on the list so, this wouldn’t be too bad. 

Maybe my high school life is destined to get better? Or worse. 

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