Chapter Nineteen» Khalil

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A deafening silence fell between us as I stared shocked at her. Completely flabbergasted. Not knowing what to say. The bright lights flickering across the hall illuminated my shock. Hiding away the fear on my face.

It was as though someone had sucked all the air within me, leaving me breathless. Cold shivers ran down my spine, trying to see past the woman. Wanting to look on to those familiar charcoal eyes. Seeing my gaze trained on Omar. At the centre of the hall. His face ashen.

Moving away from me. There stood a woman, who had my husband wrapped around her finger. The woman who will soon be responsible for my wrecked marriage. Ironic because, it was wrecked the day Saif walked out; but somehow at some point. I had visioned to live my life with Omar and how selfish was I.

To think he will feel the same for me. That he'd choose me over someone he loved, for love always wins in the end.

Hundreds of thoughts ran through my head. My mind screaming for me, to just turn around and walk away. To leave everything behind, but then I'd be a coward. Too weak to handle my problems and face them.

The gloating smirk on the woman's face had chills running down my spine. As she eyed me down, her fake lashes batting in disgust.

Smiling at the woman. I could feel my heart crumbling inside as though someone was digging, sharp needlęs inside. Preventing my breathing. Ripping life away from me.

"It's a pleasure to meet you " I spoke surprisingly in a strong manner. Seeing the woman's eyes sparkle, as would do a predator finding its prey. Something hiding within.

Everything about this woman screamed elegance, class and beauty. Everything I wasn't.

Offering me a tight smile, she glared at me; her eyes digging daggęrs. As if they could spit fire on to me.

" I'm sure it is " She slurred glancing around as another woman stood beside her. Just like Sarah, this woman too was stunning, yet something about her piercing blue eyes screamed Mystery. Her long blonde hair cascaded down on to her back.

As she eyed me down whispering something in to Sarah's ears. Nodding, the blonde woman walked away giving me one last glance over her shoulder.

Too lost in my thoughts, I hadn't realised that the hall was surrounded by large men. Dressed in leather, all talking to Omar. Nodding intently at something the men was saying.

As if knowing I was staring at him, his charcoal eyes landed on me. Something flashing within them, before he abruptly looked elsewhere.

" A rose is beautiful. As beautiful as can be, yet when touched it's thorn scrape you. Don't touch the rose, don't get hurt" She breathed out, her high heels making the woman a few inches taller.

" He wouldn't want you. Look at him, he is the most powerful man here. You don't fit amongst him, amongst us" She seethed her hand gripping on to my cold ones. The sharp nails digging on to my skin causing warm tears to sting my eyes.

To numb to feel anything. I stared through the illuminating lights, flickering around the hall. The loud music now became a curse on to my ears, seeing Omar's large figure, now trying to make it past the crowd. His eyes trained on me. As if he wanted me to stay. To wait for him.

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