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The clouds opened up, dumping a downpour of rain. My upper body was drenched within seconds, the alleyway we stood in was getting flooded extremely quickly. The drains in The Glades were blocked, of course. This side of the city was still run down enough that when it poured, everything got flooded.

Everything. Which wasn't helping my current situation. At all.

That and the boy that stood next to me, his hood flopping down over his eyes. The rain was so heavy all I heard was the loud pounding on my head. I wasn't even sure if he was talking. I imagined he was swearing but the sound of rain was blocking out everything. I didn't have to know this storm was being created by a certain metahuman who had the ability to control storms and bring down downpours without a blink of an eye. He could literally create a storm out of nowhere.

Now, that was a cool power.

Their plan was pretty good though. I gave them that. Create a storm in the middle of Star City that would cut off all our reinforcement. With this storm, the city was in a total blackout and not even the police could get this far into The Glades to help two vigilantes against a whole squad of metahumans.

"You know, since we might be dead in a few minutes," Roy was shouting over the rain. I felt his shoulder pressed into my back, staying close. "We should discuss that kiss."

I took my eyes off the entrance of the alleyway and glared at him. "You want to talk about that now?"

Roy shrugged. "Well, we might die."

I huffed out, pulling a long wet piece of hair from my face. "You're right, there is chance we won't make it through this. But, I still don't think it's the right time for that talk."

"Well, when will it be the right time?"

I glared at him some more. "Never. That would be the right time to talk about it."

Roy grinned across at me. Rain stuck to his eyelashes, making his eyes almost glisten in the lightening that flashed through the sky each other moment. "We're going to have to talk about it sooner or later. You can't go around kissing people and not talk about it."

"I didn't kiss you." I hissed.

Roy laughed. He actually laughed. "Yes, you did."

I sighed. Even in the middle of the biggest blood shed I was about to face, he was still trying to flirt with me. Typical. That was one of the many things he was actually good at. "Roy, I can't do this right now. I can't discuss my feelings. I don't do that. Ever. You need to drop it, we're about to face metahumans--"

Suddenly the rain stopped.

Roy glanced up at the sky. The clouds still sat there but the rain had been dried up without a second thought. The metahuman Dark Rain was here.

"You two love birds fighting?" A new voiced echoed through the alleyway. I yanked my eye sight away from Roy and stared at the metahuman that now stood in front of us.

I actually groaned. "Will you just stop that too?" I asked him, a hint of anger flooding through my voice.

Dark Rain just shrugged, looking across at Roy. "Women, can't please them ever, huh?"

Roy actually nodded. My hand flung out and clipped him in the side and he shut his mouth. I whirled back to Dark Rain, feeling power flood into my blood stream. I moved my hands, upwards to settle in front of my chest. With a flick of my wrist, with a flutter of my fingertips the bins near Dark Storm exploded, a flare of orange light filling the alleyway for a moment.

Dark Rain was flung backwards, his body hitting the ground with a loud thud. I strutted over to him, getting in his face. "Don't ever talk about women like that again or I will shatter your legs and you'll never to be able walk again."

Before Dark Rain could even reply I was knocked off my feet. A sharp pain coursed through my lower back. When I glanced down I was lying on a thin layer of ice. I felt my bones growing colder, my teeth chattering against my bottom lip.

I twisted my head around seeing Roy.

But he wasn't alone. My heart froze in my chest.

"Roy!" I screamed out but it was too late. A woman stood behind him, her hand wrapped around the back of his neck. Before Roy could even mutter out a word, his neck started turning blue, tiny crystals of ice spreading up his neck towards his chin.

"You really should have discussed that kiss, Bombshell. Now you won't get the chance." The metahuman called out to me.

She was Killer Frost. Crap, this wasn't good.

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