Chapter 5: Touou

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The trees danced with the comforting breeze, the sakura petals fluttered in the air and land on the school compounds to carpet the concrete ground. Cheerful enthusiasm lingered in the atmosphere. Chattering students filled the school grounds, clubs invited first year students to join, the greetings passed back and forth with the crowds… everything was so gleeful.

It was Touou Gakuen. The school Aomine Daiki and Momoi Satsuki had chose to go. You sighed as you walked through the gates. Your hatred and vengeful personality awkwardly stood out amongst the overly cheerful mass of people.

You now understood Aomine. What was so interesting about first day of school? Same old school, same old boring ways.

You let out a small sigh as you walk through a bundle of second years handing out club invitations.

“Join reading club and read every day!”

Swimming club

Tennis club

Chess club

… Basketball club.

Your eyes lingered on the sign for a moment before you frowned. Should you join?

You shook your head to no one in particular before continuing walking again. You came to a halt at one particular stall. The stall labeled “AOMINE FAN CLUB”. You tsked. So such club exist.

You stifled a laugh when you saw Aomine’s photos spread out on the table.

When he was eating.

Playing basketball

Sleeping on the rooftop

More sleeping photos

Stalkers everywhere. His behavior hasn’t changed the slightest, you thought to yourself as you walked towards the stall and pulled on a fake smile.

“I want to join this club.” You said as you flipped your brilliant [h/c] hair to the back of your shoulders.

The two girls at the stall gaped at you from head to toe. You were no longer the girl who wore hideous clothes to hide herself and full grown assets. A full grown busts, round butt wrapped in Touou’s coat and a short skirt. A beautiful girl like you after Aomine only meant less chance of getting together with Aomine for them. Another enemy they want to get rid of.

“Do you even know who Aomine is?” the brunette shrugged, shooting disapproving looks at you.

Your smile didn’t disappear. “Do I? Enlighten me.”

“Obviously,” the red head popped in, “You don’t. You’re a new student here. And you don’t seem to know sports. Pfft. Know Aomine. Yeah right.”

She sneered.

You kept your cool, clenching on your backpack in your hand. The two doesn’t even know the fact that Aomine still sleeps with teddy bear in his bed.

“Well, it doesn’t really matter does it? I want to join.”

“Look, miss priss, I’m the president of the club and I disapprove of you. So join other clubs. Whatever you say doesn’t go here.” the brunette claimed, eyeing her fingernails.


“Nevermind then. I’ll just go tell Daiki that I’m here. I heard the assistant manager position is free in the basketball club.”

With their mouths agape, they stared at you in disbelief. The use of first name “Daiki” and that you can easily get the assistant manager position probably shocked them.

“You know Aomine?” the redhead asked, dubious.

“According to what you’ve said, I don’t know him.” You smiled innocently.

“Umm… excuse us for a minute.” The brunette interjected and then the two of them started whispering among themselves.

The brunette then turned towards me. “You can join.” She smiled, the trace of denial earlier lost as if it never existed.

You smiled brightly at them. “Oh? I thought you disapproved my club entry?”

“Sorry. I’m the vice president. My friend here isn’t quite right in the head. I approve.” The red head blabbed in.

Your smile twitched, wanting to turn into a full out victory grin.

“Yoroshiku onegai shimasu.” You bowed at them before walking towards the notice board where the student names and classes were announced.


[First Name][Last Name]

… Aomine Daiki.

You smiled all to yourself. You didn’t expect this, but it wasn’t going to be that big of a change to your plan. As you turned around, you bumped into a guy, dropping your backpack and club invitation leaflets.

“Oh my.” He said as he started picking up the scattered paperwork.

His midnight black long hair. The glasses. Tall figure. Body structure…

He was good looking. He must be a third year… probably an athletic person.

“Gomen gomen! I wasn’t looking where I was going.” he said, a grin plastered on his face as he returned your papers which you smiled and said a thank you.

“I’m Shoichi Imayoshi.” He said as he gave out his hand. You looked down at it, before grabbing it and shaking.

“I heard your little chit chat there. Do you know Aomine?”

Your eyes scanned his eyes. Friendly is just an act. He looks mischievous.

You smiled before you shook your head.

“I was just scaring them. There is no way I’ll know Aomine Daiki personally. He’s a famous basketball player after all.”

“It didn’t seem like it when you spoke there.” he never released his smile.

“Did I? I guess that made them convinced.” you smiled as big.

“Ah.. I guess that did it. Anyway, I’m in class 3-A if you ever wanted to visit, and talk about… stuff.” He eyes glinted at the last word. He then walked away to his class.

You somehow knew you bumping into him wasn’t an accident at all.

A/N: Sorry for the late update! It was somewhat a filler chapter... Short chapter too.... And here is when the darling Imayoshi has came into spotlight like most of the readers have hoped for. :D okay. peace out.

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