Chapter 3

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(Nate's P.O.V) 

I look at over  Anna I know she is not happy with me moving in. "We have to go get Nate's stuff." Hunter says to Anna. "Just drop me off at the house." She says looking out the window. After a few minutes Hunter drops Anna off at the house and I climb up in the front seat. "Let's go get your stuff." Hunter says driving to my house. 

The only reason I am moving in with them is because my parents always get drunk and start yelling at me and if I don't do what they want they slap me. About a week before school started I asked Hunter if I could move in with him when school started.He said yes after I told his the reason. I knew Anna was living with him and I know she hates me. It's all my fault she hates me to, back at the start of high school I wanted to fit in and I guess I became a jerk. After that she never spoke to me again. She's not like other girls I can't just put my arms around her and she'll forgive me. 

"Earth to Nate." Hunter says waving his hand in front of me. "oh what?" I ask him. "We are here." Hunter says parking the car. "Oh okay." I say unbuckling then get out of the car. "Let's go." He says getting out of the car. We walk up to the door and walk in. Luckily my parents where not home there somewhere doing who knows what. We walk up to my room and get my stuff and start putting it in boxes, Hunter helps me carry it to the car. "Ready to go?" He asks getting in the car. "Hold on let me make sure I got everything." I say then run back to my room. I look around it's all empty, the only things left are my bed and computer desk. "I am going to miss this place." I say to myself. 

Then something catches my eye, a paper that fell under my computer desk. "Huh what's this?" I ask my self picking it up. I turn it around and see it's a picture of Hunter, Anna, Arianna and me back in the 8th grade. "Back when we where all friends..." I mumble to my self then put the picture in my pocket. I start walking back to Hunter when I hear my parents coming in the door. "NATHAN SMITH!" I hear my dad yell. I walk to the living to see them both obviously drunk. "WHERE DO YOU THINK YOUR GOING MR." My mom yells. "I am leaving." I say then walk to the door. My dad grabs my arm and drags to my room. "YOUR NOT GOING ANYWHERE!" He yells in my face the strong smell of alcohol in his breath .I try to run out but he slams the door and locks it. I get my phone out and call Hunter. "Hey where are you?" He asks after he picks up. "My dad locked me in my room." I say walking around my room. "What! how are you going to get out?" He asks. "I will find a way and I will meet you at the house." I say so he doesn't get to worried. "Okay see you at the house." he says then hangs up. 

I hear him drive off then I try to open the door. "THERE IS NO USE BOY IT LOCKED." My dad yells from the other side. "Let me out!" I say trying to open the door. " NO! you can't leave." My mom says. After 30 minutes my parents pass out and I try to open the door again. "It's not going to open." I whisper to my self. I take out my phone and call Hunter again, maybe I can get him to help me. "Hello?" I hear a female voice say. "Anna?" I ask. "What do you want." She says, I can tell she is annoyed. "Where is Hunter?" I ask walking back in forth in my old room. "He fell asleep." She says. "Damn it" I say. "Why?" she asks me. "My parents locked me in my room so I would't leave." I tell her. "Climb out the window you idiot." she says then hangs up. "Oh yeah the window how could I forget." I say putting the phone in my pocket. After 15 minutes I made it to the house and knocked on the door. Anna answers and lets me in. "Your stuff is in your room, down the hall I left the door open for you." she says then walks to her room. I walk down the hall  and find my room. Instantly I lie on the bed and close my eyes. "It's been a long day..." I mumble before falling asleep.


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