Chapter 23

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My eyes widened at the realisation that I was right.

“Come on in son, sit down,” she smiled, pointing to an empty chair by Amy. “And of course you too Charlotte” she added, smiling. I knew it was fake. I had seen it plenty of times before in many people.

I eyed up her swollen stomach, which was already a reasonable size. I had no idea she was that far along. I’d guess she was half way through her second trimester at least.

I didn’t even want to think about that baby being born.

I wondered how long this love affair must’ve been going on for. If she was that far along then my dad must have been going behind my mother’s back for a while.

I know it was still wrong, but I some restitution from the fact she was closer to his age than I had anticipated.

I pondered on the fact that Matt would’ve known for a while now.

She was his mother – and so he would see her often. Surely she could not have hidden it from him for very long.

“How was Harry Potter then, Charlie?” my dad asked me in an attempt to rouse a conversation. He also used a pet name – but I wasn’t going to give into him.

“I don’t know. We got kicked out of the cinema” I retorted bluntly with avid haste. I didn’t even look into his eyes. I just sat with my arms folded and avoided all contact.

Joshua just sat there, trying to act as if everything was all okay.

I felt that Matt was trying to get me to look at him – but I didn’t want to. I didn’t want to appear that I even cared about him I wanted to show her that i hated everything about her.

But of course, I could never be hostile towards Matt, not now anyway after the things he had done for me. I’d probably be sitting alone in my room, hurting myself if it wasn’t for him.

So, did this mean that Matt and I were going to be step brother and sister? I shuddered at the thought for a moment, considering my feelings for him.

But then I thought, well, at least we have an excuse to be around each other if anything ever happened between us.

Although, I doubt after this anything ever would.

“What? You Vicki, Emily and Jenna? Well, where are they?” he asked, confused. I wished he would stop asking me questions.

“No. Just me. And Matt, Brian and Zack.”

This time a felt a new set of eyes staring at me – Matt’s mom. “Why’d you get kicked out?” she asked in a tone that suggested everything was okay. It was almost as though she was trying to play happy families.

“Brian initiated a popcorn fight with Vicki, and it went from there” Matt answered, clearly acknowledging me distaste for his mother.

I looked around the garden – it seemed to have everything that Joshua and I never were allowed to have and more. I hated it here. It reminded me of many things that she had taken from me.

I didn’t even know if Matt’s parents had been together, and for all I knew Matt and Amy could have been sitting there sharing my thoughts – only about my dad instead.

I continued to sit and scowl at the floor as Matt answered questions for me.

“I didn’t realise that the two of you were friends,” his mom stated happily. I guess she seemed glad we were getting on. I imagine in other circumstances I would totally ignore her children.

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