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Harry styles POV

Zayn says "do you think he's angry?" And Liam says "What no we didn't do anything wrong right?" And I say "I don't know Simon calling us in for a meeting out of a blue it mustn't be good" Simon called us and told us to come his office immediately for a meeting so I'm pretty sure it's not good.

We get in his office and he smiles and we look at him unsure and Niall just blurts out "ARE WE IN TROUBLE?!?" And he says "oh no" and we all sigh in relief.

Louis says "wait so why are we here?" And he says "your adopting a kid" and we all shout "WHAT?!?" Except for Niall who says "yay I've always wanted a kid" and Simon says "see Niall likes it" and Liam says "cause Niall loves everything he's full of love but what makes you think that we are capable of taking care of a kid the press will be all over this" and Simon says "well your not adopting a baby cause those things whine and cry and complain and your not adopting a 20 year old cause that's just weird so like 13-16"

I say "they have teens in orphanages" and Simon nods and says "well no one wants a teenager so you'll have enough to choose from" and we just looked at him like he's crazy.

Zayn says "adopting a child permanently you can't be serious" and Simon says "oh hell no not permanently just for a few months and we'll take care of her" and I was about to ask something but Simon says "look you have NO choice we have a contract now Paul will take you to the orphanage go" and we left cause we didn't want to piss him off.

We went to this big orphanage we all filled out our names and headed into the Miss office. We sat down and she says "we have a lot of kids now what gender and age" and Liam says "female ages 13-16" and she presses a button a few seconds later a lady enters the room the miss says "females ages 13 to 16 downstairs in the meeting room" and she nods and goes away.

The miss makes us fill out files etc while I wonder what will this girl be like.

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