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Part 8: Slowly But Surely

(Continuation of the last scene from the previous chapter).

They held each other for a while, letting peace and the serenity of the night seeped into them. Gone was the awkwardness that they had earlier.

I missed this. Sarah said to herself. Somehow, she missed the comfort of being in his arms. She has always felt secured whenever she embraces him or whenever she’s enveloped in his arms. With him, she always feel at peace. Perhaps it’s because of his personality and humility. He’s one of her very few friends whom she feels safe with and has no bad intentions towards her.

I missed her, I missed this. Sam thought to himself as he continues to embrace her. He missed being together with her. He missed her being comfortable around him. He knows that for the last few months that they weren’t constantly seeing each other and her being with another guy, somehow they grew apart. Hence, the awkwardness between them came back. It’s a good thing that they’re now back to where they were before – comfortable with one another.

Realizing that they have been embracing each other for quite some time, they reluctantly released their hold on one another and put some distance between them. Then they talked about things – the recent happenings in their lives, their schedules, projects, etc.

Meanwhile, in the ladies’ room, Yeng woke up for no apparent reason (A/N: Ang hilig nila magising nang wala lang! Chos!) She took her watch from the bedside table and glanced at the time. Oh, past midnight pa lang pala. Kaya pala antok na antok pa ko. Glancing at the other bed, she was surprised to see that Sarah’s far from being asleep. She decided to stand up and was about to step out of the room to look for her friend when she heard some laughter coming from the garden. She slowly walked towards the window and discreetly peeked outside. From where she’s at, she could see the two sitting in the swing and having an animated conversation.

Aba, akalain mo yun? Akala ko pa naman tulog na rin ang dalawang to. Aba, at nagbabonding pa pala nang wala ako! PInagplanuhan ba ng dalawang to na magstay pa sa garden? Aba, at mukhang sweet na sweet lang ah. Well, it seems like balik na sila sa dating gawi. Mukhang nawala na ang pagkailang nila sa isa’t isa. Buti naman. Makabalik na nga lang sa pagtulog. Inaantok pa talaga ako.

As she was about to step back to her bed, Yeng thought of a mischief. Sweet kayo ha? Maasar nga kayo… Perhaps a little push from me this time would do some wonders. :D

She quickly grabbed her phone and browsed through her songlist. Aha! There you are! Let me play this playlist and let’s see what will happen after. She then pressed on ‘play’ and adjusted the volume to full blast for the lovebirds outside.

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