Chapter 32

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It's been two days since her mental breakdown in Lioras' cottage. Since then, Tara has not gotten out of bed or woken up to eat or bathe.
The seers words taunted her, mocked her as she dazed in and out of sleep. By this time her body ached from lack of movement and her tormented mind reluctantly accepted her fate.

She would never see her family ever again.

She refused to get up. Maybe if she withered away and let death claim her she would know peace. Or at least feel some semblance of it. Anything to erase the ache in her heart for never seeing the ones she loves and hurting the ones she loves now.

Night fall came and still they insisted she eat but again she refused. Her throat dry from not speaking or accepting an ounce of water. She could barely reject the tray placed before her due to the beginnings of fatigue. By this time she was faced by a handful of wary sad servants that pleaded for her to at least drink the beef broth they had prepared for her. As enticing as it sounded she did not have the desire to drink even that.

Depression. It was a dangerous illness that lurked in the bowels and recesses of the mind and soul. Then when it rears it's ugly head, it can drag you down to hell to happily enjoy it while it parades your sorrow, hurt, pain and worries around like a flag.
That's how she felt.

The familiar voice and figure of Aidan sat before her then. Pleading with her to at least sit up and drink a sip of water. He thought he could get through to her. But, it was useless. Even as his tears fell and he blamed himself for what she was going through, it hadn't moved her. She just couldn't shake this horrible feeling from herself. It was eating away at her like a disease.

She just shut her eyes to will the image of him away barely able to turn her weak body away from him. It ached so much.

Sleep claimed her for the third time in the day shutting away the worry, the arguments and the protests to force her to eat.

"And what do you prefer? For her to whither away and die!" Duncan shouted at the door as he was blocked by Aidan.

"No, but It does her no good to deal with your barbaric ways. Look at her! She can barely lift her head," he shouted back.

"And who's fault is that?" Duncan hissed stepping closer.

"No! do not blame me for this. If you had not insisted on the marriage then she would have not been driven to go see Liora," Aidan bit out.

Duncan scoffed.

"You...brought up the idea, brother."

"Besides, she would have gone to the seer regardless." His voice lowered.

He stood there with his shoulders slumped against the doorjam. Defeat creased his brow as he looked from afar and watched Tara sleep.


Cool fingers rubbed her arms and the familiar voice broke through to her. Her eyes fluttered open slowly to stare into familiar brown eyes filled with mischief.

"Wake up sleepy head," she teased.

"Mimi!!," Tara barely got the name out.

"Who else would it be silly?" Mimi laughed.

Tara groaned not able to lift her head.

"Man, you sure know how take it for the team. I'm afraid your not Flu retardant, ergo no game tonight," she stood and began to comb her hair.

How can this be?

"The flu?" Tara asked.

Mimi turned to look at her.
"Yeah, it's a yucky season. Andrew just got over it. You probably got it from him."

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