Chapter One

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The forest was quiet like usual, as I walked around my tree house, high above the ground, lazily.  Its kinda funny you would think that after so long of living here alone,I would be used to it by now. But I'm not. I 've been here for what, 200 years? Give or take. The silence always just drives me crazy!.

My section of the forest is cut off from the rest, kept in eternal fall. So I found it strange that at the very edge of my little world, it was snowing. This has never happened. I don't like it.

I cautiously stepped out of the safty of my home, jumping to the ground below. I edged my way over to the mysterious snow, creating my scythe blade out of leaves on the end of my staff. As it formed the leaves turned to pure steel in an instant. Crimson, orange, and brown.

"Whos there?" I asked stepping closer to the falling snow, almost stepping in it.

"Who said that?" a male voice called out. Wait, he heard me?

I wasn't even expecting to get an answer when I had spoken. "They.......Heard me?" I questioned aloud. "Yeah, why wouldn't I be able to hear you? Your like me right?" the same male voice said from behind me. I turned to see a boy, who at least looked about my age (A/N: She became Spirit of Fall at about 18) he had snow white hair and deep cerulean eyes that bore into my orange ones. He wore a navy blue jacket with frost accents, with brown pants that reached above his ankles and he wore no shoes.

"Hello? I asked you a question." he said waving a hand in front of my face. I blinked shaking my head. "Oh, sorry.Er.  What were you saying?" I said my voice cracking from under use. The boy chuckled "I asked who you were, and if you could put that away." he said pointing at my scythe. I smiled shepishly, turning the blade back into leaves watching as the fell to the ground.

I looked back up to the boy, he looked at me, servaing my features. I looked down self concious, I have never had someone actually looking at me. I didn't know if I was even considered, what is it? Pretty? I think thats it. I was unusual compared to the girls I've seen wandering the streets on nice fall days.

Most of them had tan skin, blonde or brown hair, and light eyes. I on the other hand had redish brown hair, with gold, and orange highlights. And orange eyes like a full harvest moon. That and I was extreamly pale.

"The names Jack Frost." The boy said, pulling me from my thoughts. He held his hand out to me "Autumn, Autumn Breeze." I said shaking his hand. He smiled at me "So are you new? I've never seen you before." he said leaning against the staff he carried. "No. Actually, I've been here for about 200 years." I said awaiting his reaction. "And I'm just now meeting you!" He exclaimed. "Well then. As this is our first meeting, we are gonna have some fun!" he exclaimed happily grabbing my wrist and yanking me out into the snow, away from my safe haven.

"So, what do you want to do first?" Jack asked perched atop his staff. I shuffled awkwardly "I really don't know what people do for fun." I said. "Well, thats about to change." Jack said jumping off of his staff.

Before I knew what was going on he had picked up snow and threw it at me. "Hey! What was that for!" I yelled wipping off my face.

Jack laughed at me "Its called a snow ball fight." he said looking at me amused. I tilted my head to the right "Snow ball fight?" I questioned. Jack chuckled, picking up a ball of snow, he walked over to me and took my hand, placing the snow ball inside it.

He backed up "Now, throw it at me." he said holding his arms out. I raised an eyebrow "You sure?" I questioned. He nodded, I looked at the snow in my hand and shrugged throwing it at his face.

He stumbled back, causing me to giggle. This was pretty fun. "Alright, its on now!" Jack yelled picking up more snow and hurling it my way.

I laughed as I easily dodged each one. Jack smirked pointing his staff at my feet, I jumped up just as he shot a bolt of frost. Suspending myself in mid air I smiled mishchievously " So, thats how you wanna play, huh?" I said smiling down at Jack.

He jumped into the air as well "Yeah. Lets see what you can do." He said flying back a few feet. I smirked holding out my hand. I snapped my fingers and in an instant flames were headed towards Jack.

It probably wasn't the best idea, considering he had 'Frost' in his name, I could have melted him. Luckliey for him he dogged in time. He looked over to me impressed "Nice." he said. I shrugged "I've got a lot of free time." I said slowly floating down to the ground, along with Jack.

We laughed untill a deep voice, with an australian accent speaks "Hello, Mate." Dang it. Okay so I may messed with Easter a few times before I decided to never leave my forest.

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