Chapter Thirty Two

'Meet me at the embassy later. 8pm. party all night.'

i pressed send.

tinabi ko yung iphone ko sa sidetable saka kumuha ng towel at bumaba sa swimming pool.

i can still see Lance's car going away. i rolled my eyes and jumped in the water and started swimming back and forth.

its been two weeks since that night and we..

are back to strangers again.

he's starting to live his own life and i'm starting to do the same.

when i said 'lets live our own life' i mean it. did i gave up so easily? No, coz after that. a big news came. all written in caps in every newspaper's frontpage.


'Lance Cervantes. dating?'

'Cervantes-Fortalejo Marriage. on the rocks?'

some titles. shiit!

and this news came with

his picture kissing a woman in a bar.

so, the playboy is back to his old Life. and after three months. i'll go back to my life..

my Life in NY.

the life where i cant feel any pain. a life where all i think is to earn money and be happy. tiring myself for endless photoshoots so i wont think of anything at night but sleeping. a life where no Lance, no Grandpa, nor daddy controlling my life.

a life where fame and fortune is far more important than being happy. a life where smilling can bring billions to my account. a life where nothing or no one can hurt me and make me cry.

a place where Cold people lives.

a life where i can say i'm fine

in a place where unhappy people lives.


Lance's POV

"what is this all about?" Papa threw

4 newspaper in my table. i lazily shot it a glance and continued reading some papers.

"that's nothing" i said in boredom. kinuha naman nya yung papel na binabasa ko saka binato sa malayo.

"What the heck is this Lawrence Angelo? you answer me properly." he said with authority. umayos na ko ng upo saka hinawakan yung dyaryo. binitawan ko din naman agad.

"Newspapers Pa. news about me having flings and dating here and there. satisfied?" i said coldly and lazily rested my back on the chair.

"Damn it! hindi kita pinalaking walang respeto Lawrence!" he said with gritted teeth. binalewala ko lang yon saka tinitigan sya.

"you read the news Pa. and its all true. i'm dating. i have flings here and there and my marriage is on the rocks." tinitigan nya ko ng parang di makapaniwala.

"Son of a-" nanghihinang sabi nya. umiling lang ako saka ngumiti.

"yes pa. and after three months. we're getting an annulment. isnt that great. i can finally say you were wrong. you were wrong about everything. about this marriage and the whole damn thing. i'm dissolving this marriage. wala ka nang magagawa. you can have all your damn money. coz there's nothing you can do to change my mind. wala na." i said firmly without breakin our eye contact.

"what really happened Lawrence?" he asked softly.

"Nothing Pa. anything else?" i asked. umiling nalang sya.

"then excuse me Pa. i am busy making money." pinulot ko ulit yung binato nyang binabasa ko saka pinagpatuloy basahin. tinalikod ko na rin yung upuan ko sa kanya. when i heard the door closed i stopped pretending too.

tumingala lang ako saka pinagmasdan yung langit.

sooner i get used to this life the better. so it wont be too hard when the real thing comes.

i started sleeping in the guestroom too. ayoko na kasing maattach pa kay Venice. she will leave sooner or later. kelangan kong masanay na wala sya.

thats the way it works. she'll leave me again. and everything else would be meaningless. i should be used to it by now. Venice's hurting me, making me cry, leaving me easily. dapat sanay na ko sa ganun.

but what the heck Lord. is there anything i can do to change her mind? give me at least a pinch of hope to get by. to be strong and to fight just one more shot. just a pinch of hope Lord. even the tiniest you could ever give..

even just a little drop of hope to survive this.

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