How to Promote Your Work Externally

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Hate 'read my story' spam? Here are some ways to get people to read your story without driving them, or you, insane.

Below you'll find some tips and tricks we've learned from Wattpad's own social channels about what works best when sharing stories externally. Follow Wattpad on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and Pinterest to see examples of how we're using our own tips when we share your stories.

We've written this mostly for writers hoping to share their works but if you're a superfan, you can also use these tips to share your favorite writers' works on your own social channels.


- Add a link in your bio to your Wattpad profile or story.

- Post photos from your story, or imagery like Quote Art.

- If posting video book-trailers as Facebook video (which autoplays): keep the videos short, 15 seconds to 1 minute and remember to link to the story.

- Check our press page for Wattpad logos and graphics you can download.


- Tweet links to stories or reading lists that contain your story. We know it's exciting, but remember not to spam your followers. You can also spread the love by sharing other author profiles and tag the author -  they might even return the favor.

- Use Hootsuite or Tweetdeck to schedule a tweet for every day you plan to update your story. Just schedule the tweet with the link to your story description.

- Use hashtags - search for hashtags that are relevant and popular to your Wattpad stories, and use no more than 2-3 hashtags when tweeting links to the story. Keep an eye on what's trending on Twitter so you can jump on any trends if they're relevant to your writing.

- Add a link in your bio to your Wattpad profile or story.

- Tweet some Quote Art.


- Tags are the most important part of your post! You can use about 20 tags per post.

- Use gifs - we like to create Top 5 lists of our favorite stories and include a reaction gif for each story link. Here's an example.

- Write reviews or comments about your favorite lists.

- Share stories - we recently updated our 'share to Tumblr' feature so your story covers appear large and attention-grabbing. So make sure your story cover is on point. We like using Wattpad's Covers App or the free web service Canva to create covers.

- Make lists - we live in the age of the listicle. Is your story one of The Top 10 Best BoyxBoy Werewolf Books of All Time? Use lists to grab people's attention and give great recommendations.


- Create entertaining content for your fans on Youtube that relates to both your story and Wattpad. Here are some ideas:

- Create a Book Trailer for your story - but keep it short.

- Make a story playlist of music videos for your story.

- Do a dramatic reading of your book or your friend's crazy fanfic.

- Capitalize on YouTube trends and review a book from the latest celeb to join Wattpad, like Tyler Oakley. People will come for the review and stay for your story.

- At the end of each video, make sure to create a shoutout for people to read your story, or visit your profile on Wattpad. You can also write a video annotation for people to click on the link in your description.

- In the video description, make sure to have a link to your Wattpad profile and the story you're promoting.

- Don't forget to link to your Wattpad profile in your About section.


- Tag @Wattpad whenever you're talking about your work.

- Add a link to your profile or story in your bio.

- Use Quote Art and remind people they can find a link to your story in your bio.

- Use hashtags - search for hashtags that are relevant and popular. We usually post to Instagram with a short description and then comment below with 10-15 hashtags. Use a combination of popular and niche hashtags to attract the largest audience.


- Pin story from Wattpad story details page in [...] drop down on web, or share icon on mobile.

- Add relevant tags like #book #story #amwriting #bookclub #books, etc.

- Make sure the story has a good cover by using the Wattpad Covers app (available in iTunes or Google Play) or the free web service Canva.

- Create a Wattpad reading list of your favorite completed stories and post each story as a new pin on a board on Pinterest. Make sure you give the board a fun, specific title like "Hilarious ChickLit Book Club Ideas."

- You can write and pin fashion, beauty, health, or food stories - these topics are very popular on Pinterest.


- Create outfits inspired by Wattpad stories or characters.

- Add a link to your Wattpad profile in your Polyvore bio.

- Copy and paste your story description and a link to your story in the set or collection description.


- Add a link to your Wattpad profile in your bio.

- Take requests for stories in your, and once you've posted them, give the link to fans.

- Share the love - give shoutouts to your favorite writer friends on so they'll link to your stories too.

- Create for your story characters.


- Add a link to your Wattpad profile on your website, next to your other social network icons like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. Check our press page, for graphics and logos you can use.

- Use Wattpad's story embed widget to tease your book on your site.


- Create a playlist for your story's soundtrack, or playlists inspired by your characters.

- Link from the playlist and your bio to the Wattpad story.


- Keep your fan-made art on DeviantArt, but be sure to include a link to the Wattpad story.

We want to know what else is working for you! Comment with your favorite tips and tricks for bringing readers to your Wattpad story.

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