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"Damn Mercedes do that shit. Fuck that feels so good." The man with the blonde Mohawk moaned out rolling his eyes back.

"Boy shut up, you doing three much right now." Mercedes giggled before adjusting her seating place on his back.

She rubbed some massage oil on his back and began rubbing it down. She sat on his booty with each leg onside of him and started massaging his back. After his lost against his hometown, he's been tense. Especially since he lost in front of Mercedes Dad.

So he forced her into doing this for him even though it wasn't a problem. She knew he was embarrassed so she wanted to cheer him up.

"I'm not that shit feels so good."

"Just shut up and take it. I know my hands are a miracle but damn." She rolled her eyes playfully.

"Since we taking things, you gonn take this dick?" He joked and Mercedes rolled her eyes.

Odell and Mercedes aren't in the type of relationship yet. They kiss and hug but they never experienced sex with each other before Mercedes didn't want to go too fast.

He turned over making her sit on his member. Mercedes jumping slightly as she felt his manhood begin to rise at her clit.

"Odell stop," She giggled jumping up. "Keep your Junior in your pants."

He sucked his teeth, "Why you playing Mercedes? I'm gonn give you this dick one day, just watch."

"Well it won't be today." She stuck her tongue out teasing him.

"Get up and get dressed. I'm taking you somewhere." He reached over grabbing his phone and began typing.

"Where are we going?" The curious female asked climbing off of the football star.

"If I tell you I'll have to kill you. Now get up with cha fat ass." He smacked it satisfied watching it jiggle.

Mercedes rolled her eyes playfully and headed towards her bathroom. Washing up she made sure she smelled good prepared to wherever Odell was taking her.

After she was finished her shower Odell got in after her. After while they were both dressed and ready to go out for the chilly evening in New York.

"Odell take my picture." Mercedes said holding her phone out for Odell to take.

He took a few pictures annoyed because she couldn't find the right pose. Odell was tired and gave her back her phone but she was satisfied and thanked him looking at the photos.

 Odell was tired and gave her back her phone but she was satisfied and thanked him looking at the photos

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