Writer Tips For Being Successful On Wattpad

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Stop watching the frog and pay attention. Ok, Kermit's kinda hypnotic, we'll grant you that, but once you've prised your eyes from the flying appendages of our little green friend there we have a few things that might help you a little on your quest for Wattpad success. 

Build Out Your Profile

- Remember, Wattpad is a social network

- Your username should be your name or your pen name (having a negative like ihatekermitthefrog name can put people off)

- Upload a profile photo

- Include a background photo, larger than 1920x600 pixels, under 1MB in size

- Write your profile from the first person (i.e "Hi, I'm Kermit and I write Muppet Fanfiction" rather than "Kermit has been writing fanfiction since he was a tadpole..."

- Include hyperlinks to your website, purchase links, or other relevant social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Smashwords, Instagram, Kik). Shortened links (bitly or tinylink) aren't allowed on your Wattpad profile. Note - links in stories aren't clickable. You can broadcast messages to your followers with clickable links.

Create / Upload Your Work

Once you've got your profile looking good, then you can go on and add some reading lists and start writing.  

- Add a story description (plot synopsis / blurb)

- Keep chapters short (2k words), remember most users are on mobile devices, and bite size chunks are great

- Serialization - if you can, post 1-3 new chapters a week to keep people hungry for more

- Keep to a regular posting schedule if you can, be transparent so your readers know what to expect. You can also add a note to your story description like "New chapters every Friday!"

- Send out a call to action. Talk to your readers in the text: remind them to vote and comment on each chapter, or ask an open-ended question about what happens next.

- End on a cliffhanger, keep them guessing


Often, the first thing a reader sees of your work is the visual side of your story, the cover. They can also search for stories they want to read by using keyword / tag searches by adding the # symbol. i.e #onedirection #dragons #sherlock #magic

- Covers are important. Remember users are browsing through mobile devices so small text isn't advisable. A clear exciting cover will really help you stand out from the crowd

- You can Upload or make a cover with the Covers App, or the free web graphic design site Canva. For best results, size it at 256 x 400 pixels

- Add up to 20 relevant tags (keywords) to help readers find your story

- Add a photo or YouTube video per chapter, and add a cast.


We allow all Wattpad users to connect their accounts to other social platforms, and you can also share quote art. 

- Connect your account with Facebook and Twitter to find friends already on Wattpad

- Dedicate your parts (chapters) to your fans

- Reply to comments on your story and profile, and comment on other stories

- Visit our clubs, available on web

- Create and share lists of your books

- Annotate your story with in-line comments to encourage more replies and comments

- Host a contest

- Create beautiful quote art to share on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest etc.

- Share to your other social channels (see more in the next about the best ways to share your work)

What did we miss? What are the best tips for success you've found on Wattpad?

And yes, now you can go and watch the frog again...

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