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"T-tail," I muttered. Somehow I became more scared of him than I already was.

"Now if tail comes you live or else you die,"



As soon as the words came out from his mouth, it felt like my heart stopped.

"What? N-no.. You can't do that," I shouted fear lacing with every words that came out from my mouth.

He can't. He won't do that.

My life-- people's life is not a game that someone can take whenever someone liked.

"Believe me, I can and I will," he said, humor lacing with every words that came out from his mouth because he laughed, a sinister laugh.

I felt a shiver went down my spine.

Anger welled up inside me. The way he said it as if my life was of no value made me bitter.

But as faster the anger came, it even went away when I realized I could do nothing. I was helpless.

The devil had found me and only God could help me.

"Now, now let's see what luck has in for you," he said as he tossed the coin in the air.

It felt like the whole world was in slow motion. I watched as the coin flipped in the mid air until it landed.

The sound pierced through the nearly dead silent night.

The coin started to spin and as I watched I thought about all could happen.

What will happen if I die?

I was not ready to die. At least, not now.

Suddenly I had trouble breathing and my heart thundered in my rib cage. It felt like in any moment it could burst.

The coin slowed it's spinning and then it stopped moving at all.

My breath caught in my throat.

This is it! I will either live or die tonight.

I kneeled down to look at the coin.

Tail, I thought.

It was tail.

My eyes widened in shock. I would live.

I fell to the ground.

"Seems you are lucky," he commented before knelt down to puck up the coin.

"I really wanted to kill you though," he added as an after thought.

I just stared at him. The more longer I stared at his face, the more the thought came that he was the man who would have killed me.

I let out a shaky sigh.

"Take this," he threw the coin towards me and it landed on my lap. "Remember this as our sign of meeting." He said before turning around and walking away.

I watched as he walked, away from me.

I was still in the ground. Confused as to what to do next.

I had just been saved from being killed.

Ah, this thought is refreshing.
I thought sarcastically.

My eyes went towards the coin.

I didn't know whether to be scared or thankful of the coin.

This coin saved my life but it also nearly brought me death. If I just turn the coin around, I could see death.

I sighed before looking up, "Thank you, God. I owe you a lot."


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